Silly & Fun Chicken Jokes for Kids (that you can print)

Who doesn’t love a good chicken joke? I’ve collected all your favorite silly jokes about chickens in one place. Kids and grown-ups can read them here or print them out to share some laughs later.

Along with the funny chicken jokes for kids, you’ll find chicken knock-knock jokes, why did the chicken cross the road jokes, and chicken riddles. Whether you are a farmer or just love a good chicken strip. Enjoy!

chicken jokes for kids

Funny Chicken Jokes for Kids

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  • What day of the week do chickens hate most? – Fry-day! 
  • Why did the chicken join the band? – Because he had the drumsticks!
  • What is the most musical part of a chicken? – The drumstick.
  • Who takes care of chickens? – The chicken tender.
  • How do chickens bake a cake? – From scratch!
  • Why did the egg hide? – Because she was a little chicken.
  • Why did the chick disappoint his mother? – He wasn’t what he was cracked up to be!
  • What did the chicken say to his family on the weekend? – Let’s have a peck-nics.
  • Which US state has the most chickens? – Yolklahoma. 
  • What do poetic chickens enjoy? – Spoken word poultry.
  • Why didn’t the chicken go to KFC? – It wasn’t on her bucket list.
  • What do you get when you put a chicken in a cement mixer? – A brick layer.
  • Which dance do chickens avoid? – The foxtrot.
  • What did the sick chicken say? – “I have people-pox!”

Chicken Knock Knock Jokes

There is something about knock-knock jokes that kids love. Maybe it’s the repetition or rhythm. Start with these knock-knock jokes about chickens and then head over to the ultimate list of knock-knock jokes.

  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Chicken. Chicken, who? Just chicken to see who’s in there.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Bach. Bach who? Bach, bach I’m a chicken.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Chicken. Chicken, who? Chicken to see if you’ll let me in.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Chicken. Chicken, who? I would like to chicken to my room.
  • Why did the chicken cross the road? I don’t know. To get to your house. – Knock, knock. Who’s there? The chicken!
Silly & Fun Chicken Jokes for Kids (that you can print)

Best Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road Jokes

Why did the chicken cross the road? These jokes have some pretty silly answers to the question that’s been asked for years… why did the chicken cross the road?

  • Why did the chicken cross the road? – To get to the other side.
  • Why did the chicken run across the road? – To get to the other side faster.
  • Why did the monkey cross the road? – Because the chicken retired.
  • Why did the chicken cross the road? – To bock traffic.
  • Why did the chicken cross the road? – To join the hen party.
  • Why did the piece of gum cross the road? – Because it was stuck to the chicken’s foot.
  • Why did the chicken cross the road twice? – He was a double-crosser!
  • Why did the rubber chicken cross the road? – To stretch her legs.
  • Why did the turkey cross the road? – To prove he wasn’t a chicken.
  • Why did the chicken cross the road? – To avoid the fowl jokes.
  • Why did the chicken cross the playground? – To get to the other slide.
  • What do you get if a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn? – An eggroll.

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Clever Chicken Riddles for Kids

I need some help with this one! Do you know any good Chicken Riddles? Add them to the comments. For more riddles for kids with answers click here or check out our horse riddles.

  • I’m found on a farm, but I’m not a tractor. I can be roasted, but I’m not a peanut. I have feathers, but I’m not a pillow. I’m fowl, but I’m not disgusting. I lay eggs, but I’m not an ostrich. What am I? – A chicken.
  • What can provide food before it is alive, while it is alive, and after it’s dead? – A chicken.
  • You might be called this animal if someone thinks that you’re afraid. This is something that you might eat, as well as the eggs that it laid. What animal am I? – A chicken.
  • If a rooster lays an egg on a triangular roof, which side does it roll down? – Neither! Roosters don’t lay eggs!

Guess What? Chicken Butt!

This one isn’t exactly a joke. It’s a nursery rhyme or a playground song. I included it because, joke or not; it’s sure to get a little giggle. Guess Who Chicken Jokes?

Guess what? What? Chicken butt!
Guess why? Why? Chicken thigh!
Guess where? Where? Chicken hair!
Guess when? When? Chicken hen!
Guess who? Who? Chicken poo!

Silly & Fun Chicken Jokes for Kids (that you can print)

Jokes About Roosters

  • Why did the rooster cross the road? – To cockadoodle dooo something!
  • What do you call a rooster who wakes you up at the same time every morning? – An alarm cluck!
  • Why did the rooster buy mittens? – So his chicken fingers wouldn’t get cold.
  • Why didn’t the rooster cross the road? – Because he was a chicken!

Chicken Coop Jokes

  • Why does a chicken coop have two doors? – Because if it had four doors, it’d be a chicken sedan.
  • How many doors does a chicken coop have? – Three. Two on the sides and one in the BOK.
  • Why did the chickens try and escape? – They felt cooped up.
  • Why do chickens hate winter? – Because they always feel so cooped up!
  • There was a murder in the chicken coop. Police suspect fowl play.
  • What is a chicken’s favorite dessert? – Coop-cakes.

Hen Jokes

  • What do you call it when a hen takes a rooster’s place in the morning? – Alarm clucks.
  • Where is the best place to find out about chickens? – The hen-cyclopaedia.
  • What is a hen’s favorite type of movie? – A chick flick!
  • How do you send a chicken a letter? – In a hen-velope.
  • What happens when hens and roosters get together? – It’s eggciting.
  • Why did the hen only lay eggs in the winter? – She was no spring chicken.

Chicken and Egg Jokes

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Check out which joke I think is the best chicken joke at the bottom of this post.

  • What do you get when you cross a chicken and a chihuahua? – Pooched eggs.
  • Where do tough chickens come from? – Hard-boiled eggs.
  • What did the chicken say when it laid a square egg? – “Ouch!”
  • What did the chicken family call their mischievous egg? – A practical yolker!
  • What happened to the chicken that misbehaved at school! – He was egg-spelled!
  • What did the baby chick say when he saw his mother sitting on an orange? – Look what marma-laid!
  • Why did the man order a chicken and egg from Amazon? – To see which came first.

Funny Chicken Puns

Do you enjoy a good pun? This group of chickens puns will get you started, then you can head over to some of our other pun collections. Dog puns, bee puns, corn puns, and Easter puns.

  • This hensemble of puns will definitely delight.
  • Using chicken puns shouldn’t test your hen-durance.
  • Even though I had an omelet for breakfast, I’m still peckish!
  • Duh duh duhhh…the plot chickens.
  • If you like it, then you should put a wing on it!

Chicken One-Liners

Add a few chicken one-liners to your Saturday afternoon.

  • The rooster may crow but the hen delivers the goods. 
  • Don’t spend the egg money before the hen lays the eggs.
  • You are the wind beneath my chicken wings!
  • “Chicken one day, feathers the next”

What’s your best chicken joke?

The chicken joke that really got me laughing is the one I’d consider the best chicken joke. Do you agree?

  • Why did the man order a chicken and egg from Amazon? – To see which came first.

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