Guess What Jokes that will Have Kids and Adults Laughing Together

This collection of guess-what jokes is just plain silly. It’s sure to get you and your little ones giggling. Connecting on a silly level with my kids is one of my favorite things. When they can’t help but smile, I know something special has just happened between us.

Guess what? We have a TON of joke collections. Here are a few to get you started. Knock-knock jokes for kids, school-appropriate jokes, easy jokes for kids, and good morning jokes.

Guess What Jokes

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Guess What Jokes

  • Guess what? The answer to “stressed” is spelling it backward. – Desserts.
  • My brother dressed up as a bird this Halloween; guess what he said? – Trick or tweet.
  • There was a candy party, guess who was late as usual? – Choco-late.
  • I had a dream about an orange ocean last night. Guess what? – It was a Fanta Sea.
  • Guess what makes you go on red and stop on the green? – Eating a watermelon.
  • The astronaut was using the computer; guess what key he kept pressing? – The space bar!
  • I was trying to solve a few equations about circles. Guess what? – It was pointless. 
  • I got a wooden bike with wooden handles and wheels; guess what? – It woo-den start.
  • I won a rain dance competition, and guess what I got? – Pneumonia.
  • The mathematician served something special for dessert. Guess what? – It was a pi.
  • Guess what you call a sleeping piece of paper? – A napkin.
  • My doctor’s name is Doctor Pepper. Guess what? – He’s a Fizzician.
  • Can you guess why everyone loves eating donuts? – I do-nut know myself!
  • Can you guess who all the little cereal kids are afraid of? – The cereal killer.
  • The baby tomato was running late for school. Guess what his mommy said? – “Come on, ketch-up!”
  • One friend took the elevator while the other took the staircase. Guess what? – Both were raised differently.
  • Guess what presidents were the greenest? – The Bushes.
  • The banana went to the doctor; guess what happened? – He was not peeling well.
  • This building has the most stories. Can you guess what it is? – A library.
Guess What Jokes

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