12 Funny Father’s Day Jokes

Celebrating Dad is awesome. Celebrating Dad with some laughter is the way to go.

Use these jokes in a handmade card, print them out, and sprinkle a little silliness throughout the day or snuggle up on Dad’s lap and read through them all.

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12 Funny Father's Day Jokes

12 Funny Father’s Day Jokes

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  • When does a dad joke become a dad joke? – When it becomes apparent.
  • Why did the cookie cry? – Because his father was a wafer so long!
  • What did the daddy buffalo say to its son before it left for school? – “Bison.”
  • How is a baby bird like his dad? – He’s a chirp off the old block.
  • What did daddy spider say to baby spider? – You spend too much time on the web.
Father's Day Jokes for kids

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  • What do you call your dad when he’s in the snow? – a POPsicle!
  • Why does dad take an extra pair of socks golfing? – In case he gets a hole in one!
  • What time did the dad go to the dentist? – Tooth hurt-y.
  • What did dad say when the tide when in came in?Long time, no sea.
  • Do dads always snore? – Only when they’re sleeping.
  • How did Vader know what he was getting for Father’s day? – He felt Luke’s presents.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Abby. Abby who? Abby Father’s Day!
12 Funny Father's Day Jokes

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Father's Day Jokes for kids

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