Summer Riddles with Answers to Brighten Up Your Day

Heading out to enjoy a day in the sun? Bring along these printable summer riddles with answers. They’ll give you something to think about while soaking up the rays.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy summer jokes, camping riddles, and beach riddles.

Summer Riddles

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Summer Riddles with Answers

  • I have no eyes, no ears, and legs, and yet I help move the earth. What am I? – An earthworm.
  • What gets bigger when more is taken away? – A hole.
  • I am a bag of cloth. I am used by campers. A person can sleep in me. I am not a tent. What am I? – A sleeping bag. 
  • I bring music wherever I go. I keep things very cold. I have wheels. People give my driver money and he gives them treats. What am I? – An ice cream truck!
  • I appear once in summer and twice in autumn, but never in winter. What am I? – Letter U.
  • We pass under the sun but make no shadow. What are we? – Air and wind. 
  • Coal in my belly, steel on my feet. When I get hot it’s time to eat. What am I? – A BBQ.
  • I can make castles but l I am not a brick. I often get into your food if you have a picnic. What am I? – Sand.
  • If a brown house is made of brown bricks, and a blue house is made of blue bricks, what is a green house made of? – Glass.
  • You might love me in summer but I never like the sun. The hotter the weather, the softer I get. What am I? – Ice cream.
  • I’m a letter of the alphabet and I’m the biggest thing on the planet. What am I? – Sea (C).
  • I’m surrounded by water but I’m not a fish. What am I? – An island. 
  • I am a type of building and from the top I shine. I warn sailors about rocks so that ships will be fine. What am I? – A lighthouse. 
Summer Riddles

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