Awesome Beach Riddles with Answers

Heading to the beach? Make sure to pack these beach riddles with answers. If you really want to bring even more fun, bring some beach jokes, water jokes, fish jokes, summer riddles, water riddles, and nature riddles too.

Awesome Beach Riddles with Answers Perfect for Beach Day

Beach Riddles Printable

Keep these riddles with you. Print them out and pack them in your beach bag.

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Best Beach Riddles with Answers

Everyone loves riddles with answers; they’re even better when they’re about the beach. You might also like our summer riddles and mystery riddles.

  • Where is the ocean deepest? – The bottom.
  • Where do you find an ocean with no water? – On a map.
  • I sound like I would be good with peanut butter, but you wouldn’t want to make a sandwich with me. I’m fun to look at but not to touch. – Jellyfish.
  • What has an eye but can’t see? – A hurricane!
  • What do turtles, eggs, and beaches all have? – Shells.

Sand Riddles For Kids

These riddles about sand and islands are great for when you have warm sand between your toes.

  • The more you take the more you leave behind. What am I? – Footsteps.
  • What gets bigger the more you take away? – A hole.
  • I measure time, I build up castles, and I’m small enough to fit in a teaspoon. What am I? – Sand.
  • What weighs more, 1 pound of feathers or 1 pound of sand? – Neither, they both weigh 1 pound.
  • You’ll find me in sand but in the sea. I’m also kept between you and me. What am I? – And.

Island Riddles

  • You might get to one by airplane. Or you might prefer to go by boat. As it’s surrounded by water. But it’s not a castle with a moat. What is it? – An Island.
  • What is in the middle of water but not an island? – The letter T.
  • I’m surrounded by water, but I’m not a fish. I can be found in an ocean, but I’m not a whale. What am I? – An Island.

Shark Riddles

If you love these shark riddles you might enjoy these shark jokes and animal jokes too!

  • I scare a lot of people but I’m not a spider. I have a fin but I’m not a boat. I’m found in the ocean but I’m not a buoy. I sometimes have a hammerhead but I don’t hit nails. What am I? – A Shark.
  • Imagine you are swimming in the ocean and a bunch of hungry sharks surround you. How do you get out alive? – Stop imagining.
Awesome Beach Riddles with Answers Perfect for Beach Day

Towel Riddles

Tiny creatures aren’t the only thing that comes to mind when you think of the beach. Enjoy these riddles about towels, swimming and even a lighthouse!

  • I’m rectangular but I’m not a kitchen table. I absorb water but I’m not a sponge. I’m sometimes used at a beach but I’m not a bucket. What am I? – A towel.
  • What gets wetter the more it dries? – A towel.
  • Beach, paper, and bath; what do these items have in common? – They’re towels.

Swimming Riddles

  • What happens three times in weightlifting, twice in swimming, and once in tennis? – The letter i.
  • What is the first thing everyone does when getting in the water? – Get wet.

Lighthouse Riddle

  • I’m tall but I’m not a tree. I shine but I’m not the sun. I help sailors but I’m not an anchor. I’m a building but I’m not a skyscraper. What am I? – A lighthouse.

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