Water Riddles with Answers (and a printable)

Water is all around us. We use it to live and play. These water riddles are perfect for encouraging an appreciation of this amazing resource as well as adding to a day of water play.

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Water Riddles

Water Riddles with Answers

  • Riddle: Wash me, and I won’t be clean, don’t wash me, and I’ll be clean. What am I? – Answer: Water.
  • Riddle: You might use a lot of this for a fight in the summer. If this leaks inside your house, you need to call a plumber. What is it? – Answer: Water.
  • Riddle: I can help you clean your shirt. I fall, but I’m never hurt. Look for me to beat the heat, I can run without any feet. – Answer: Water.
  • Riddle: This is something you can find in a lake and in a stream. When frozen, it turns to ice, when boiled, it turns to steam. – Answer: Water.
  • Riddle: What always runs, yet doesn’t walk, often murmurs but doesn’t talk. Has a bed, but doesn’t sleep, has a mouth but never eats. – Answer: A river.
  • Riddle: I run forever, but do not move at all, I have no lungs or throat but a roaring call. – Answer: Waterfall.
  • Riddle: What lives in winter, dies in summer, and grows with its root upward? – Answer: An Icicle.
  • Riddle: I’m often running, yet I have no legs. You need me, but I don’t need you. What am I? Answer: Water.
  • Riddle: What has sea, yet no water? – Answer: The Alphabet.
  • Riddle: There is a boat with a ladder attached to it; the ladder is eight feet tall. If the water rises four feet, how much of the ladder will be on top of the water? – Answer: Eight feet, the ladder is attached to the boat.
Water Riddles

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Print your Water Riddles

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