Funny Jokes about the Sun that will Create Bright Smiles

Are you in the middle of a warm summer, trying to escape the sun, or in the middle of a cold winter dreaming of a sunny day? Either way, these funny jokes about the sun will brighten your day!

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Sun Jokes

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Jokes about the Sun

  • Why did the sun not have to go to college? – He already has a million degrees.
  • What does the sun say to his kid? – I love you, sun!
  • What do pigs say when they stay too long under the sun? – I am bacon.
  • Which Marvel supervillain loves being under the sun? – Tan-os.
  • Why is the sun obsessed with solving math problems? – Because he is always talking about Sum-mer.
  • What is the sun’s favorite day of the week? – Sunday, of course!
  • What flower can be seen growing on the sun’s surface? – Ultra-Violets.
  • What is the sun’s favorite ride at the theme park? – The solar coasters.
  • Why is the sun so popular at parties? – Because he is the sunniest.
  • Which chocolate bar does the sun like best? – A Milky Way.
  • What is the sun’s favorite clothing brand? – Kelvin Klein.
  • What is another fancy name for a sun fart? – A solar flare.
  • What does the sun say after waking up every morning? – “Rays and shine!”

Sunshine Jokes

  • What happened when someone lit a fire from the sun ray? – Everyone was de-lighted.
  • How did the trees feel after winter when the sun was shining bright again? – They felt releaved.
  • What keeps the sun held up in the sky? – Sunbeams.
  • What song do vampires hate? – You are my sunshine!
  • What does a cow make in the morning when the sun rises? – A shadow.

Jokes about Heat

  • How does the sun greet the moon and the earth? – Heat waves.
  • What type of relationship do people have with summer? – A love-heat relationship.
  • Which is faster, heat or cold? – Heat, because you can catch a cold!
  • What is the coolest letter on a hot summer day? – Iced T.
  • What came out of the sprinkler during the heat wave? – Steam.
Sun Jokes

Jokes about Sunburns

  • Why does Mercury always need burn ointment? – Because he is always getting sunburnt.
  • What will reading sun jokes under the sun make you? – Well red.
  • How can Minecraft players avoid sunburn? – Sunblock.
  • What is green, white, and red all over? – A sunburnt elf.
  • Why didn’t the daughter get a sunburn? – She can’t you see, she is a daughter and not a son.

Sunglass Jokes

  • What are hot cups also known as? – Sunglasses.
  • Why did the teacher put on sunglasses? – Because her students were so bright!
  • What do you call a skinny man in sunglasses? – Slim Shady.
  • What does a pigeon with sunglasses on say? – Coo man coo. 

Sunscreen jokes

  • Why did the banana wear sunscreen? – He didn’t want to peel!
  • Why should you start a conversation about sunscreen if it gets boring? – Because it is topical.
  • What’s easier than applying sunscreen? – Not going outside.
  • Why did the scientist buy some sunscreen? – Because he was a pale-ontologist.
  • What happens when baby corn doesn’t wear sunscreen? – He becomes popcorn.

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