Garden Jokes & Puns For The Gardener In You

Of the many hobbies perfect for summer, gardening is one that we should let our children enjoy. They can learn things that will be beneficial to them. Help them enjoy it more with these funny garden jokes!

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In this garden joke post, you’ll find a massive (and funny) collection of gardening jokes. Including greenhouse jokes, jokes about flowers, sunflower jokes, plant jokes, jokes about tulips, cacti jokes, and even some garden puns!

Happy gardening!

Massive (and funny) collection of gardening jokes. Includes greenhouse jokes, garden puns, jokes about flowers, sunflower jokes, cacti jokes, and even some

Funny Garden Jokes for Kids

Start with a few of our favorite garden jokes, then make your way to celery-brate today with hilarious puns.

  • What would be a gardener’s favorite Beatles song? – Lettuce Be.
  • What did the dirt in the garden say during heavy rain? – If this keeps up I’ll be mud!
  • What do trees wear to all pool parties? – Swimming trunks.
  • What is a tree’s favorite dinosaur?-  The Tree-rex.
  • How do trees get onto the internet? – They just log on!
  • Why is the Incredible Hulk such a good gardener? – He’s got green fingers.
  • What is the gardener’s favorite novel? – War and Peas.
  • How much room should you give fungi to grow? – As mushroom as possible.
  • Why does the farmer love frogs? – They eat whatever bugs them.
  • When does the gardener dance? – When he drops a beet.

Greenhouse Jokes 

  • Did you hear about that greenhouse heist? – I heard that cops planted evidence.
  • Does lettuce grow best in a greenhouse? – Romaines to be seen.
  • What do you call it when worms take over the world? – Global Wormin.
  • What do you tell someone who won’t get out of your greenhouse? – Leaf now! 
  • Why did the lettuce hide in the greenhouse? – It saw the salad dressing.
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Flower Jokes

Flower jokes are so much fun! These jokes about flowers include dandelions, daisies, and roses. The next section is garden jokes about sunflowers…. and the one after that? Tulip jokes!

  • What’s the fiercest type of flower? – A dandelion!
  • What did the husband say when his wife told him he bought the wrong flowers? – “Oopsie daisy!”
  • How do you grow a flower that glows in the dark? – With a light bulb.
  • What happens when a flower blushes? – It turns rosy.
  • What did the big flower say to the small flower? – What’s up, bud?
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Sunflower Jokes

  • What did the sunflower say to her BFF when she reached 5 feet tall? – You grow, girl!
  • Why am I so hot right now? – Because there’s a sunflower near you.
  • What do sunflowers do when they get cold? – They wear plants.
  • What flower loves to be in the sun? – Sunflower.

Tulips Jokes for Kids

  • What flowers grow on faces? – Tulips.
  • What grows under your nose? – Tulips.
  • How does a flower whistle? – By using its tulips.
  • Which kind of flowers are such excellent talkers? – Tulips. (Because they have two lips.)
Massive (and funny) collection of gardening jokes. Includes greenhouse jokes, garden puns, jokes about flowers, sunflower jokes, cacti jokes, and even some

Plant Jokes

If you’d like to read plant puns and get some more plant jokes, visit our plant joke collection.

  • What did the small palm tree say when its big brother was teasing it? – “Leaf me alone.”
  • What kind of tree has hands? – A palm tree.
  • What happened to the plant in math class? – It grew square roots!
  • How do succulents confess their feelings? – “Aloe you vera much!”
  • What makes some plants better at math than others? – Square roots!
  • What happened when the snail another snail met near the plants? – They got into a slugfest.

Cactus Jokes

  • What did one cactus say to the other cactus? – “You’re looking sharp!”
  • What did the girl cactus say to the boy cactus? – “I’m so glad we pricked each other!”
  • What’s the worst thing about dropping a cactus? – Catching it.
  • What does a  cactus wear to a business meeting? – A cac-tie.
  • Why is it so hard to come up with a cactus joke? – Because it is such a thorny problem.

Garden Puns

Have a fruit, vegetable, or herb pun to share that would go well with our garden puns? Add it to the comments, then check out these other puns: bee puns, butterfly puns, & camping puns.

  • I beg your garden?
  • You’re one in a melon!
  • Pot it like it’s hot.
  • Peas and quiet
  • Absolutely radishing.
  • Turnip the music!
  • Have you botany plants lately?
  • Just romaine calm.
  • I’m kind of a big dill.
  • My grandma always gives sage advice.
  • Good chives only.
  • I’m handing out encourage-mint from my herb garden to yours.
  • Never a dill moment.
  • Chive never met someone like you.
  • I don’t want to shrub you the wrong way.
  • It’s party thyme!
  • Long thyme no see.

Printable Gardening Jokes

Print your garden jokes and keep them on hand to add a little laughter to your day in the sun.

Click here to get your gardening jokes printable.

Do you have any jokes about gardening? Go ahead and add a garden joke in the comments.

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