81 Paws-itively Funny Dog Jokes for Kids PRINTABLE

We love dogs around here. We also love jokes for kids. I can’t believe it took this long to combine the two!

Whether you’re a dog person or not, these jokes about dogs will surely make you pawget your problems. (Love a pun? Check out our dog puns).

Read, enjoy, have a good laugh, and then snuggle your dogger.

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Easy Laughs with Dog Jokes for Kids | Printable Included

Easy Laughs with Funny Dog Jokes for Kids

Start out with some funny dog jokes for kids, and then enjoy jokes by breed!

  • Why did the poor dog chase its tail? – He was trying to make both ends meet.
  • What’s a dog’s favorite city? – New Yorkie.
  • Why did the dog cross the road? – To get to the barking lot.
  • Why are dogs like phones? –  Because they have collar IDs.
  • Why did the man living in Alaska name his dog Frost? – Because Frost bites.
  • Why are dogs terrible dancers? – Because they have two left feet.
  • What was the little Scottish dog’s reaction when he first saw the Loch Ness Monster? – He was Terrier-fied.

Dog Jokes One-liners

Some dog jokes for kids only need one line.

  • A friend’s dog swallowed a cushion. The vet has described its condition as comfortable.
  • I went to the Isle of Dogs once. Apparently, it’s the best friend of the Isle of Man.
  • I know someone who has a dog that keeps eating garlic. His bark is worse than his bite.
  • A local dog gave birth at the side of the road. She got fined for littering.
  • I know another dog who goes and sits in the corner every time the doorbell rings. He’s a boxer.
  • Got myself a robot puppy. Dogmatic.

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Dog Knock-Knock Jokes

Knock-knock jokes are some of our favorites; we especially love these knock-knock jokes combined with dog jokes for kids.

  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Leash. Leash who? Leash you could do is open the door.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Dasum. Dasum who? Dasum cute dog.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pooch. Pooch who? Pooch your arms around me baby.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Bow. Bow who? Not bow who, bow wow!
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? How. How who? How will we get away from that mean dog?
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ken. Ken who? Ken you walk the dog for me?

Dad Jokes about Dog

  • What happened when the dog went to the flea circus? – He stole the show. 
  • What did the dog say to the sandpaper? – Ruff!
  • What do you do if your dog chews up your dictionary? – Take the words out of his mouth.
  • What do you get when you cross a dog with a calculator? – A best friend you can count on!
  •  What type of markets do dogs avoid?- Flea markets.

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Dog Poop Jokes

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed these funny dog jokes so far, but you know kids, right? They love laughing about poop. I just couldn’t resist throwing in a few dog poop jokes. (I may have laughed a little while I put this list together.)

  • How’s business for the pooper scooper?  –  It’s picking up!
  • How much do you make at your job as a pooper scooper? –  I don’t make anything, the dogs do it all!
  • What does the soldier call picking up the dog poop? – Doing their doodie.
  • What do you call prank plastic dog poop – Shampoo.

Dog Birthday Jokes

If you celebrate other family members too, here are some birthday jokes for the two-legged people in your house.

  • Why was the dog sad on his birthday? – Because it was the first time anyone remembered in 7 years.
  • How does a dog celebrate his birthday? – With a Paw-ty.
  • What did the old zombie dog say when she got a birthday bone? – “My hip!”

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Hot Dog Jokes

  • What do you call a cold canine? – A chili dog.
  • Why was the dog sweating so much? – She was a hot dog.
  • Why did the dog stay out of the sun? – So he wouldn’t be a hot dog.
  • What do you get when you cross a hot dog and Halloween? – A Hallo-weenie!

Puppy Jokes

  • What kind of dog doesn’t bark? – A hushpuppy!
  • What does a dog stay in when she goes camping? – A pup-up tent.
  • Why do puppies leave trash everywhere they go? – They are part of a litter.
  • Why does my newborn dog never want to leave my side? – He’s in puppy love!
  • What genre of music do young dogs like the best? – Pup music.

Is there a special type of puppy in your life? I scroll right down to the border collie jokes myself.

Corgi Jokes

  • Why are most corgi jokes such bad jokes? – Because they’re too short.
  • What do you call an overweight corgi? – Low-fat.
  • How do corgis unlock doors? – By using a Corg-key.
  • What’s a corgi’s favorite dessert to eat? – Strawberry Short-cake.

Shih Tzu Jokes

  • What type of zoo has only one dog? – A Shih Tzu.
  • What do you call a dog that hears voices? – Shih-Tzu-phrenic.
  • What kind of car does a Shih Tzu drive? – A Shihtzubishi.

Husky Jokes

  • What do you call a black Eskimo dog? – A dusky husky!
  • What do you tell someone who says your dog is fat? – My dog’s not fat, she’s just a little Husky.
  • What’s a corn farmer’s favorite type of dog? – A Husky. (Corn grows on husks.)
  • What kind of dog loves using the internet? – A Cyber-ian Husky.

Chihuahua Jokes

  • Which dog breed is guaranteed to laugh at all of your jokes? – A Chi-ha-ha!
  • What is a dog that sneezes? – A-choo-wawa.
  • What did the chihuahua name his sailboat? – El Barko.
  • What do you call a chihuahua that plays baseball? – A lil pitchy dog.
  • What’s the hard part of walking 100 Chihuahuas? – Carrying the giant purse!

Dachshund Jokes

  • Why do Dachshunds hate warm weather? – It feels weird to be a hot dog.
  • Why will only Dachshunds be remembered? – Because History is written by the wieners.
  • What do you call a dachshund that likes frijoles? – A weenie beanie.
  • Why is a noisy yappy dachshund like a tree? – They both have a lot of bark.

Golden Retriever Jokes

  • What do you call a dog that does yoga? – A Foldin’ Retriever.
  • What do you get when you cross a dog with a phone? – A golden receiver!

Labrador Jokes

  • What do you call a dog that can do magic? – A Labracadabrador!
  • Are dogs good at science? – Well, labs are.
  • What was the dog’s job at the fancy hotel? – He was a Labra-doorman.

German Shepherd Jokes

  • What kind of dog is most like a cat? – A Purr-man Shepherd.
  • Why dont German Shepherds write with dull pencils? – Because there’s no point!
  • What’s a German Shepherd’s favorite musical instrument? – The dinner bell!

Bulldog jokes

  • What breed of dog goes after anything that is red? – A bulldog
  • What do you get when you cross a bulldog with a computer? – Lots of bytes!
Easy Laughs with Dog Jokes for Kids | Printable Included

Poodle Jokes

  • What kind of dog likes taking a bath every day? – A shampoo-dle.
  • Why should you be careful when it rains cats and dogs? – Because you might step in a poodle.
  • What do you get when you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle, and a rooster? – A cockerpoodledoo!

Sheepdog Jokes

  • What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with jelly? – The collie wobbles.
  • Which type of dog is also a lamb? – Sheepdog.
  • What noise does a sheepdog make? – Baaaaa…rk.

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Beagle Jokes

  • What’s a dog’s favorite band? – The Beagles.
  • What did the Beagles say to the garden? – Lettuce eat!
  • What happened when the Beagle swallowed a firefly? – He smiled with de-light!

Border Collie Jokes

  • What sort of dog does a vegetarian have? – A collie-flower.
  • What do you get if you cross a dog with a film studio? – Collie-wood.
  • Where do dogs like to surf?-  Colliefornia!
  • Why do people think border collies are such good listeners? – Because they act like they always HERD you.

Printable Jokes About Dogs

Going for a hike or your favorite dog park? Print these dog jokes for kids out and bring them along!

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