Clever Cat Riddles with Answers that are Purrfect for Cat Lovers

Calling all cat people! We’ve rounded up the perfect cat riddles with answers just for you. Snuggle up with your favorite feline and enjoy.

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Cat Riddles

Cat Riddles with Answers

  • Riddle: I act like a cat, I look like a cat, yet I am not a cat. What am I? – Answer: Kitten.
  • Riddle: I have fur, but I’m not a coat. I have claws, but I’m not a bird. I like to climb trees, but I’m not a child. I have nine lives, but I’m not a character in a video game. What am I? – Answer: Cat.
  • Riddle: I am your best friend. My wet nose sniffs for food, I have four legs and a tail. I love to play & chase cats. Who Am I? – Answer: Cat.
  • Riddle: If seven cats kill seven rats in 7 minutes, how many cats would be needed to kill one hundred rats in 50 minutes? – Answer: 14.

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  • Riddle: I have just one life, but with eight to spare, I am usually friendly, but I sometimes act like I don’t care. What am I? – Answer: A cat.
  • Riddle: If five cats catch five mice in 5 minutes, how long will it take one cat to catch a mouse? – Answer: Five minutes.
  • Riddle: All of Mrs. Smith’s pets are dogs except one, and all her pets are cats except one. How many cats and dogs does she have? – Answer: Mrs. Smith has one cat and one dog.
  • Riddle: 10 copycats were sitting in a car. One came out. How many are left? – Answer: None (as they were copycats they copied each other).
  • Riddle: How many cats can be put in an empty box? – Answer: Only one; it’s no longer empty after the first.
Cat Riddles

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