50 Animal Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults with PRINTABLE

Animal fun is always welcome! These animal riddles for kids include some Who am I riddles, bear riddles, giraffe riddles, and even a couple of frog riddles.

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Animal Riddles for kids

Animal Riddles with Answers for Kids

Do your little ones love animals? Then these animal riddles for kids will be perfect for you!

  • What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands? – A Kangaroo.
  • Who joins you at parties every year, but I never get to enjoy them. – I’m a Turkey.
  • I move without wings, between silken strings, I leave as you find, my substance behind. Who am I? – Spider
  • I have no eyes, legs or ears but I can move the earth if you give me time. Who am I?- A Worm.
  • If you see this in the ocean then you will probably pause because most people are so scared of this creature that’s in Jaws. – Shark
  • When I’m born, I have white spots that disappear as I get older. The spots help me blend into my surroundings. My coat is usually light brown. – Deer
  • I am gold and can be black and white. I’m a symbol for a nation when freedom took flight. What am I? – Eagle
  • I have a bushy tail and I love to climb trees. I store nuts in the fall for my winter needs. What am I? – Squirrel
  • I have black and white stripes and I love to eat bamboo. People say I’m cute, but I’m really quite grumpy. What am I? – Panda
Animal Riddles for kids
  • I am a bird with bright feathers and a big beak. I like to imitate human speech and I can live for many decades. What am I? – Parrot
  • I am a sea creature that has eight arms and a beak. I can change color to blend in with my surroundings and I squirt ink as a defense mechanism. What am I? – Octopus
  • I build a home of sticky string and catch my prey with a bite or a sting. What am I? – Spider
  • Shedding my skin is part of what I do. In the grass, I slither fast. With or without a rattler, I will still scare you! What am I? – Snake
  • I like to hoot, and am mostly out at night. My big round eyes are quite a sight! What am I? – Owl
  • I like to chew on wood. It’s how I build my neighborhood. With my flat tail and webbed feet, I use my sharp teeth to eat! What am I? – Beaver

Who Am I Animal Riddles

  • I am an animal named after the animal that I eat. Who am I? – An Anteater.
  • I sleep by day and fly at night. I have no feathers to aid my flight. Who am I? – A Bat.
  • I can honk without using a horn. Who am I? – A Goose.
  • I live on a farm but I’m not a cow. I help provide what you might eat at breakfast but I’m not a chicken. I have a snout but I’m not an anteater. Who am I? – A Pig.
  • I have no sword, I have no spear, yet rule a horde which many fear. My soldiers fight with a wicked sting, I rule with might, yet am no king. Who am I? – A Queen Bee.
  • I’m small but I can climb a big hill. I like to join your picnic. I can be black or red. Who am I? – An Ant.
  • My wings are used as flippers so that in the water I can flow. Sometimes when on land I slide on my belly in the snow. Who am I? – A Penguin.
  • I’m the strangest creature you’ll ever find: two eyes in front and many more behind. Who am I? – A Peacock.
  • I’m grey, but I’m not a wolf, long-eared, but not a rabbit. I have hooves, but I’m not a cow. Who am I? – A Donkey.
  • I am the biggest mammal that lives in the sea. You would be tiny if you swam near me. I blow water high up in the sky. Who am I? – A Whale.
  • The alphabet goes from A to Z but I go Z to A. Who am I? – A Zebra.

Cat Riddles

  • A man has to take a dog a cat and a mouse across a river on a boat, he can only take one animal across at a time. If he takes the dog the cat will eat the mouse, if he takes the mouse the dog will eat the cat. How does he get the three animals across the river? – First, he takes the cat over, then he goes back and takes the mouse over, he then takes the cat back with him and swaps it for the dog. This leaves the dog and mouse together (the dog won’t eat the mouse) while he goes to get the cat.
  •  All of Kate’s pets are dogs except one, and all her pets are cats except one. How many cats and dogs does she have? – Kate has one cat and one dog.
  • I have claws but I’m not a bird, I like to climb trees but I’m not a kid, I’m a common pet but I’m not a dog. Who am I? – A Cat.

Cow Riddles

  • Say “silk” five times. Now spell “silk.” What do cows drink? – Cows drink water.
  • I have a special kind of bell, but I’m not a bike. I provide milk but I’m not a coconut. On a road trip, you will often see me in the fields. Who am I? – A cow.
Animal Riddles for kids

Fish Riddles

  • If you have nine fish in a fish bowl and 3 drown how many fish do you have left? – Nine because fish don’t drown.
  •  Two mothers and two daughters went fishing. All of them caught a fish. When they counted there were only three fish. How was this possible? –  There were only three because there was a grandmother a mother and a daughter. The mother was the daughter to the grandmother and she was the mother to the mother and the daughter was the daughter to the mother.

Frog Riddles

  • I grow from eye to fish to creature. I burp when I talk and jump when I walk. Who am I? –  Frog.
  • I catch flies but I’m not a spider, I’m green but I’m not a leaf. I have a long tongue but I’m not a giraffe. I’m an amphibian but I’m not a salamander. I have part of me eaten by the French but I’m not a snail Who am I? – A frog.
Animal Riddles for kids

Shark Riddle

  • I have a very big bite, but I don’t ever bark. I’m found in the ocean but I’m not a buoy. There’s a whole week dedicated to me. Who am I? – A Shark.

Turtle Riddles

  • With four oars it swims, but it is always at home. Its back is like armor, tougher than chrome. What animal is it? – A Turtle.
  • I have armor but I’m not a knight, I snap but I’m not a twig, and I’m always at home even on the move? Who am I? – A Turtle.
  • I carry my home with me, whether I’m in water or on land. What animal am I? – A Turtle.

Tiger Riddles

  • My stripes are famous from Bengal to Goa, I am silent as I hunt and live by myself. Orange and black and white is my fur. Who am I? – A Tiger.
  • Imagine you are in the middle of a forest surrounded by tigers, you have nothing to defend yourself, what do you do? – Stop imagining.

Giraffe Riddles

  • I like to use my long tongue to eat leaves from the tops of trees. I don’t have to climb up, though. With my long neck, it’s a breeze. Who am I? – Giraffe
  • My legs—usually around 6 feet—are taller than most humans. What animal am I? – A giraffe.

Lion Riddle

  • I am known as a king, and the jungle’s where I reign. My voice is heard from far away. It is hard to tame me, and I have a large mane. Who am I? – A lion.

Bear Riddles

  • I’m big and fluffy and a little bit scruffy. I live in the woods and give big hugs, and if I live on your bed, you might call me Ted. Who am I? – A Bear.
  • If you see one when you’re camping, it might give you a fright. They can be black, brown, or grizzly, and pandas are black and white. Who am I? – A Bear

Elephant Riddles

  • I’m an animal you might love, but I’m too big to be your pet. I’m the only mammal that can’t jump. I have an extremely long trunk. And it’s said I never forget. Who am I? – An Elephant
  • I’m bigger than a house, scared of a mouse, and have great big toes and a hose for a nose. Who am I?  – An Elephant.

Polar Bear Riddles

  • I am big and white and furry, and I like to swim and run. I eat seals for my meals and weigh about half a ton. Who am I? – A Polar bear.
  • I’m white, but I’m not snow. I like to swim, but I’m not a fish. I’m a large mammal, but I’m not a whale. I’m furry, but I’m not a dog; I live near the north pole, but I’m not Santa. Who am I? – A Polar bear.
Animal Riddles for kids

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