Science Puns, Chemistry Puns & Biology Puns Perfect for the Classroom

Science is so much fun! You’ll find everything you need to make it even more fun. 

Chemistry puns, biology puns, and science puns will get your classroom giggling while they experiment. 

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Science puns

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Science Puns

  • I can keep a secret. My labs are sealed.
  • Gravity really keeps me grounded.
  • Here’s my science homework. Better light than never!
  • These leftovers are past their cell-by date.
  • When organisms don’t like the rules, they protist.
  • Let’s get physics-cal
  • I know another science joke, it’s at the tip of my tungsten.

Chemistry Puns 

  • I was boron ready to study chemistry.
  • Our chemistry teacher tried to tell a joke but got no reaction.
  • Think outside the Bunsen burner.
  • Oh chemis-tree, o-chemis-tree, how lovely are thy branches.
  • How does a chemist explain having a temper tantrum? Sorry, I just reached my boiling point.
  • Lose an electron? Gotta keep an ion it.
  • I like to hear chemistry puns, periodically.
  • Chemists are excellent for solving problems because they have all the solutions.
Science puns

Biology Puns

  • Bloom where you’re planet-ed.
  • What does a biologist do with a cell phone? Take cell-fies!
  • I tried to donate blood, but I chickened out. My trip to the blood bank was all in vein.
  • When a biologist wants to impress someone, they wear designer genes.
  • Biologists love to play musical instruments. Organs are their favorite!
  • If someone wants to hear a potassium joke, just say ‘K’.
  • Tomorrow we’re going to be studying mitosis. I’ll be needing your undivided attention.  

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