78 Art Puns and Art Jokes Spark a Creative Laugh PRINTABLE

Pencil in a good laugh with these art puns and art jokes. They just might get your creativity and connection with others flowing.

When you’ve had your fill of art puns and jokes, check out our school-appropriate jokes for kids.

Art Puns and Art Jokes

Art Puns

You’ll be drawn to these art puns.

  • I’m drawn to art.
  • Let’s paint the town red!
  • The magician made his painting disappear. It was canvas magic.
  • When the artist couldn’t find his paintbrush, he realized he had made a huge brushstroke of bad luck.
  • That sculpture is really rock solid.
  • I’m feeling a bit sketchy today.
  • My sketch pad is penciling me in for the day.
  • I’m not an artist, but I can sure draw attention.
  • I tried to make a sculpture out of old computer parts, but it was just too hard drive.

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  • Let’s brush up on our skills.
  • Don’t canvas the neighborhood without me!
  • Let’s easel into the weekend.
  • I’m having a stroke of genius!
  • I’m canvas-ing for new inspiration.
  • This art exhibit is frame-tastic!
  • You can Crayon my shoulder
  • You have my canvas.
  • I can’t draw a straight line without a ruler.
  • Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
  • I started a new diet, so I’m counting galleries instead of calories.
Art Puns and Art Jokes
  • Off to a flying art
  • Art speaks where words are unable to explain.
  • Draw a line in the sand
  • The artist was framed, but not the way you think.
  • It’s all the Monet I have, so don’t judge.
  • That is draw-dropping.
  • Hue are you? I’m feeling blue.
  • I woke up at the crack of drawn, ready to create.
  • It’s not for the paint of heart, but art is worth the effort.

That’s a sketchy situation.

  • Picasso was a real cube ist.
  • That is truly brush-taking beautiful.
  • My art studio is my sanctuar-ink.
  • The art thief stole a statue, but it was a bust.
  • How art you doing?
  • I tried to paint the sky, but I blue it.
  • You can blend the rules.

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  • Use eco-blendly supplies.
  • It was a pigment of my imagination.
  • It’s not for the paint of heart.
  • There’s a tone of people at this event.
  • Step on the pedal to make the Van Gogh.
  • I’ll texture later.
  • I graduated collage.
  • I’m drawn to art.
  • Let’s grab a sandwich from the Dali.
  • Take it easel-y.
  • The band is going contour.
Art Puns and Art Jokes

Art Jokes for Kids and Adults

Do you love admiring art? Do you love creating art? Either way these art jokes are just for you.

  • What did the artist say when his work was praised? – “I was framed!”
  • How do artists greet each other? – “Palette meet you!”
  • Why was the artist a good runner? – Because he could draw a quick sketch!
  • What did the painter say when he got into debt? – “I’m in the red!”
  • Why did the artist install a heater? – Because he wanted a warm palette.
  • Why was the artist bad at playing cards? – Because he always drew!
  • Why did the artist go to school? – To improve his sketch-ual education.
  • Why did the crayon go to therapy? – It was feeling a little blue.
  • What do you call a sketchy neighborhood? – A doodle zone.
  • How does an artist know it’s time to stop painting? – When they start drawing a blank.

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  • Why did the art collector have to sell his collection? – He was in Monet trouble.
  • Why did the artist break up with his girlfriend? – Because he took her for granite.
  • Why did the sculptor break up with his girlfriend? – Because she was too hard to handle.
  • Why did the artist go to jail? – He got caught red-handed.
  • What kind of shoes do artists wear? – Sketchers.
Art Puns and Art Jokes
  • Which farm animal was also a famous painter? – Vincent van Goat.
  • What did the blackboard say? – I’ve got a chalk full of problems.
  • What sound does a dog that’s really into art make? – He doesn’t bark. He bauhaus.
  • What do you call someone hanging out by the wall? – Art.
  • Who’s the king of the pencil case? – The ruler.
  • Why did Van Gogh become a painter? Because he didn’t have an ear for music.
  • How do artists greet each other? – Yellow.
  • Why shouldn’t you sculpture for granite? – Because that’d be stone-cold.
  • What was the artist’s motto when it came to home repairs? – When it paint broke, don’t fix it.
  • Why did the artist decide not to quit running? – He was on the home sketch.

What farm animal is a cubist artist? – Pablo Pigcaso

  • Why is being an artist difficult? – The job is not for the paint of art!
  • What happened after the artist was told her painting was horrible? – She got the picture.
  • What did the potter say when he destroyed his piece of art? – That’s just the clay it is!
  • Why did the artist fail his sketching exam? – It wasn’t 2b.
Art Puns and Art Jokes

Printable Art Jokes and Art Puns

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