90 Pawsome Dog Puns That Are Funny And Cute

Dogs are awesome. Or should I say pawsome? We adore them so much that we collected some pawsome jokes to keep you all laughing.

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Pawsome Dog Puns That Are Funny And Cute

Pawsome Dog Puns That Are Funny And Cute

The puns I’ve collected are perfect for any dog lover. There are puppy puns, puns about pugs, corgies, golden retrievers, and more! There are puns perfect for your doggie’s birthday and even a few hot dog puns for your next bar-be-que.

  • I almost kicked my dog out, but we renegotiated the terms of his leash.
  • Time to unleash the ruff stuff when it comes to puns! Like a dog with a punny bone.
  • The picnic quickly turned into a Bark-B-Q.
  • Luke, I am your paw-ther!
  • That dog is so beautiful that she should be on the cover of Vanity Fur.
  • I love you, fur real.
  • Just need a cup of Earl Greyhound tea every day.
  • Have you heard about the new dog movie? It’s called Jurassic Bark.
  • That dog is so beautiful that she should be on the cover of Vanity Fur.
  • Howl I ever live without you?

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  • Just going through a rough pooch lately.
  • I’m mutts about you!
  • I love you, fur real.
  • She gets her coffee at Star-barks.
  • How are we doing with these dog puns? Some of them are ruff. But a few of them have pet-tential!
  • He’s barking up the wrong tree.
  • Paw-don me.
  • Happy Howlidays!
  • Merry Christmutts!

Oh, paw-lease.

  • May your Christmas be furry and bright.
  • Unleashing all kinds of joy this season!
  • Friends fur-ever.
  • He’s doing a thorough Lab report.
  • My dog knows it’s you. She has collar ID.
  • I love camping with my dog because she’s great at ruffing it.
  • My dog really digs you.
  • My dog is my fur-st mate.
  • My dog always makes me happy after a ruff day.
  • Don’t terrier yourself up about it.
  • Wear your boots in case you step in a poodle!
  • I think I need to see the dentist about my loose canine.
  • And his favorite game to play is Ulti-mutt Frisbie.
  • I ruff you so much, I’m barking it from the wooftops!
  • Don’t go bacon my heart and say you’ll be my Valentine.
  • I Shih Tzu not.
  • This place seems very fur-miliar.
  • Anything is paws-ible. Please fur-give me.
  • I’m paw-ssionate about dogs.

Puppy Puns

  • The puppy is so famous that the pup-arazzi was following him around all day.
  • My pup goes to the paw-ffice with me every day, so he thinks he’s a su-paw-star.
  •  Whenever I put on a movie at home, my puppy always begs me to make some pupcorn.
  • Puppies don’t mind shedding hair all over the living room. That’s why it’s called “fur-niture.”
  • We’ll need to grab some pup-corn before the movie starts.
  • My dog’s favorite pizza topping is pup-eroni.
  • Dear Santa Paws, I have been a very good boy this year.

“You ain’t nothing but a pound dog.”

  • My dog’s favorite band is The Beagles.
  • Paws-itively Funny Dog Puns.
  • What’s a dog’s favorite movie? Harry Paw-ter and the Sorcerer’s Bone!
  • A vampire’s favorite dog is a bloodhound.
  • On Halloween, he dressed like a pug-kin.
  • Every fall, everywhere, dogs drink pugkin spice lattes!

What are some dog words like PAWSOME?

Paw-sitive, pet-tential, ulti-mutt, terrier-ific, and paw-ther are a few dog-related words like paw-some.

Dog Birthday Puns

Enjoy a few dog birthday puns. They’ll make your next dog party terrier-ific

  • It’s your birthday! We’re celebrating you today. Don’t terrier self up!
  • As you turn one year older, remember anything’s paws-ible, no matter what age you are!
  • You’re a whole year older?! That’s mind beagle-ing!
  • Happy birthday, let’s hope it’s a Great Day-ne!
  • Be-leash me when I say, “Happy birthday to my best fur-end!”
  • He hounded me about it for a year.
  • It’s my first birthday paw-ty, I’ll bark if I want to.

Pug Dog Puns

  • You ain’t nothing but a pug dog.
  • People who hate dogs are re-pug-nant.
  • I’m all about the pug life.
  • We have to throw out the mattress. We have bed-Pugs.
  • Help! We need a pug-boat to tow us to shore!
  • Did somebody order a pugkin spice latte? It’s officially my favorite drink at Starbucks now.
  • Paws-itively! Livin’ the pug life.

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Corgi Dog Puns

  • You have the corg-key to my heart.
  • Many corgis love to go to the retail market. They wish to get their tails back.
  • The little corgi has always wanted to form a rock band with his friend. He was already planning on creating a dis-cor-graphy of his songs
  • The gym corgi loves to work on his planks. He is a core-gi
  • What does a corgi wear when it is freezing outside? A Corgi-gan.
  • We can’t drive anywhere until I find my corgis!
  • Hello, corg-eous. You’re the best dog in the world.

Golden Retriever Dog Puns

  • Something is wrong with my golden retriever. It’s not bringing me any gold.
  • What do you call a golden retriever and telephone? A golden receiver
  • Don’t stop retrieving.

Dachshund Dog Puns

  • Don’t bite dachshund that feeds you.
  • A cowboy was looking to adopt a dachshund. He got a long little doggie.
  • Dachshund through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh.
Pawsome Dog Puns That Are Funny And Cute

Labrador Dog Puns

  • The newest Avenger: Labro-thor.
  • I spend all of my free time Labradoodling.
  • What’s a dog’s favorite activity to do in school? Lab reports!
  • What do you call a dog magician? A labracadabrador!

Husky Dog Puns

  • My dog’s not fat. He’s just a little husky.
  • I asked my dog last night what he was doing outside the house. He told me that he couldn’t find his hus-key (house key).
  • Been overfeeding my dog a bit. Want him to be a little husky.
  • What’s the dog breed that is addicted to the internet? The CYBERian husky 

Hot Dog Puns

  • Dachshunds always nap in the shade because they don’t like being hot dogs.
  • The hot dog decided he wanted a new haircut so he went to the barber-cue.
  • My dog jumped into the fire pit and turned into a hot dog.
  • Out of every single hot dog out there, I pickle you.
  • I take a lot of time putting the condiments on my hot dog. I like to relish the moment.

Printable Dog Puns

Print these dog puns and take them with you to the dog park. You’ll have the other puppy parents rolling over with laughter.

Click here to get your printable dog puns.

I hope you enjoyed these funny puns about dogs. Add your favorites in the comments.

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