Dinosaur Puns for Kids that are Big Time Fun

These dinosaur puns are t-rrfic for your next dinosaur invitation or to keep on deck for your next trip the dinosaur museum.

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Dinosaur Puns for Kids

  • Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.
  • I dino what to tell ya.
  • It’s a mammoth task!
  • Have a dino-mite birthday!
  • Nothing will tricera-top this pun.
  • You are t-rrific! Be my Valentine!
  • I raptor present for you.
  • Will the new dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum be popular? Remains to be seen.
  • A sight for saur eyes.
  • Did you hear about the dinosaur that couldn’t stop coughing? It was a bronchitisaurus.
  • Did you hear about the dinosaur that survived extinction and is now found in farmer’s fields? They called him T-rac-tor.
  • I’ve heard a theory that the dinosaurs died out because their eggs became rotten. It was a mass egg-stink-tion!
  • Can you do it? You bet Jurassican.
  • I’m not saur-ee I came up with this half-baked pun. I feel ptero-bill.
  • The archeologist thought he had dug up a full dinosaur but it just was a fossil arm.
  • Do you know Dinosaurs can’t go on boats, they cause too many Ship Rex.
  • Dinosaurs are just rawr-some!
Dinosaur Puns

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