97 Fall Puns for Kids Perfect for Cozy Autumn Day (printout)

Fall days are fast approaching, and before we know it, the leaves will be changing.

To help us appreciate the season even more, here are some of the fall puns for kids and adults that will have you falling off the couch laughing.

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Fall Puns for Kids Perfect for Cozy Autumn Days

Fall Puns for Kids

These fall puns for kids are just right for chilly afternoons!

  • Falling in love with autumn.
  • I’m feeling gratefall for these autumn days.
  • My favorite fall outfit is a har-vest.
  • Summer is better than autumn? That’s a fallacy.
  • Let’s just fall it a day.
  • You’re looking gourd-geous.
  • Fall autumn leaf-ts my mood.
  • Autumn brings re-leaf from the heat.
  • Spicetacular!
  • Give them pumpkin to talk about! 
  • I can’t help but enjoy this time of year, it’s autumn-matic.

Am I oakay? Of course, I’m pine.

  • I’m so corn-fused.
  • You’re the pumpkin pie of my eye.
  • Seeing is be-leaf-ing!
  • Hop in the autumn-mobile for a fall drive.
  • I yam what I yam.
  • Feelin’ gourd.
  • Fall is a-maize-ing.
  • After a good summer fling, it’s time to fall in love.
  • Pumpkin spice, spice, baby.
  • I’m acorn-y person.
  • Humpty Dumpty had a great fall — hope you do too!
  • Hay there!
  • This cooler weather is soup-er.
  • Apple-y ever after.
  • Don’t even chai.
  • Donut know what I ever did without my PSL.
  • Orange you glad it’s fall?
  • Trick or treat yo’ self.
  • Resting witch face

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  • Fall-elujah
  • Blessed and pumpkin spice obsessed!
  • Witch fall flavor is your favorite?
  • It feels like scarecrows are stalking us.
  • Pumpkin spice and everything nice
  • You’re nuttier than a fruitcake!
  • Pumpkin spice up your life!
  • You truly a-maize me!
  • Witches get stitches.
  • New pinecone, who dis?
  • Unbe-leaf-able!
  • Don’t stop be-leafing.
  • Let’s squash this rumor right now.
  • I’m turning over a new leaf this fall.

September Puns

These fall puns are perfect for September!

  • Promise to September me always? 
  • September to pack your lunch.
  • What is a tree’s least favorite month? — Sep-Timber!
  • He is the September of that group.
  • I want the September – hip of that group. 
  • Are you the September of that club?
  • I really really wish to have the September – ship of that club. 
  • He deals in September wood.
  • All this furniture is made of September.
  • Why do you live Sep–rately?
  • They are carrying out the Sep-ratist movement in the state.
  • Johnny Sep was the main character of the movie Pirates Of Carribean 
  • What do lumberjacks shout at the start of fall?… Sep-timberrrrrr!
  • What do the leaves say before they hibernate? Rake me up when September ends.
  • Why are trees so carefree and easygoing in September? Because every fall, they let loose.
  • Why do birds fly south in September? Because it’s quicker than walking.
  • Why did Humpty Dumpty love September? Because Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
  • You need to do it Sep by Sep. 

October Puns

October puns for a perfect October weekend of connecting.

  • Is October already Octover?
  • Apparently, I was supposed to wait until October 31st to dress up like a ghost. Guess I spook too soon.
  • Beauty is the eye of the October. 
  • Why do some people love October? They fall for it every year.
  • How should you hunt deer in October With an autumn-atic rifle.
  • What do you say when it’s the end of the month? It’s Oct-over.
  • What was Humpty Dumpty’s favorite month? October because he had a great fall.
  • Why do birds fly south in October? Because it’s quicker than walking.
  • What is the best thing about October? All the cobwebs and dust in your house just become Halloween decorations.
  • Why is it so easy to trick a leaf in October? They fall for anything.

What did the ghost say when it found out it was October? It’s boo-tiful outside.

  • Why were so many people suddenly being sarcastic? It was the first day of the month of Mock-tober.
  • When do Bavarians rip the sleeves off their shirts? Octobervest.
  • What month is best for a music festival? Rock-tober.
  • Which month is the best for investing? Stoc-tober.
  • What month of the year gives Spider Man the most trouble? Ock-tober.
  • Why did the hardware store have a sale on deadbolts? It was lock-tober.
  • Why did the green light turn amber in October? Because it was fall.
Fall Puns for Kids Perfect for Cozy Autumn Days

November Puns

Bring these November puns with you on your next November outing.

  • Let’s take a walk to November.
  • It’s Novem-brrrr..
  • What’s the opposite of November? Yesvember.
  • Could you please write your phone November here in this column? 
  • He only deals in November wood.
  • Do you have Nov – blender for preparing cold coffee? 
  • Can I please lend your Nov – blender as I have to prepare the vanilla shake for my guests?
  • Do you really November what I told you last week about my aunt?
  • I don’t November that what you told me last month about her.
  • She is actually going to November in her room.
  • Do November to take your all the accessories as well as all your essentials with you when you go for your trip to London.
  • Did you see that thing Nov-ing?
  • She was just Nov-ing around here and there. 
  • There Nov-ement in the corridors is actually restricted for the time being.
  • Don’t you know that they can not Nove around in the galleries as well as the corridors of this building.
  • Nov-amber is basically a yellow light which is used to signal the trains.

Add your favorite fall puns for kids (and adults) to the comments.

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  1. Loved this post! The puns were pun-derful and my kids and I had a blast reading through them. We’re already planning some cozy autumn activities and these puns will definitely add some laughter to our day

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