Egg Puns Guaranteed to Crack You Up

Puns can be an eggs-traodinary way to get a smile out of a cranky kid. These egg puns can add something extra to your breakfast.

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Egg Puns

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Egg Puns

  • I’m so egg-cited and I just can’t hide it.
  • Easter is here: it’s do or dye.
  • These eggs are out of this world. Eggstraterrestial.
  • I need a double shot of eggs-presso.
  • A boiled egg for breakfast is really hard to beat.
  • I can be a real practical yolk-er at times.
  • That was an egg-cellent try.
  • Have you done something different with your hair? You look eggs-traordinary!
  • You don’t want to make an egg laugh too hard, it’ll start cracking up.
  • Don’t yolk with me.
  • What an egg-citing day.
  • All of this celebrating is eggs-hausting.
  • I need to eggs-ercise off all this chocolate.
  • The eggs decided to leave Europe, so we need to prepare for Breggsit.
  • Police were questioning an egg. He couldn’t say anything, he was scrambling for words.
  • Yolk’s on you.
  • I’m just yolking.
  • Yolk gotta be kidding.
  • Omelettin’ this slide.
  • He was such an egg head.
  • I’m just eggs-ploding with happiness.
  • She wasn’t eggs-aggerating.
  • He was eggs-tatic.
  • Egg puns are eggs-quisite.
  • That’s all for today yolks.
Egg Puns

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