73 Adorable Butterfly Jokes, Puns, and Riddles PRINTABLE

One of our favorite exhibits was a butterfly habitat. I wish I had this collection of butterfly jokes then!

Kids and adults will larvae these butterfly jokes. You’ll be happy to flutter in with laughs.

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Butterfly Jokes for Kids

Butterfly jokes are perfect in spring. Keep them handy for when you want to inspire a quick laugh.

  • What happens when you throw a piece of butter out of the window? – Butterflies.
  • Why didn’t the butterfly go to the dance? – It was a moth ball.
  • What did the butterfly say when it got attacked? – I butterfly away.
  • What do you call it when a butterfly rules over a kingdom? – A monarchy.
  • What do you call a butterfly that’s put on a show? – A flutterby.
  • How do you dress up a butterfly? – With a fancy color-palette!
  • What would happen if a butterfly went to the moon? – It would become a lunar moth!
  • What did one butterfly say to the other butterfly when they flew through a rainbow? – Look at this amazing butterfly patch!
  • How does a butterfly forecast the weather? – It checks its “butterfly cast.”
  • Why don’t butterflies get angry? – Because no one would believe they had a “butterfly temper.”

How do insects swim? – Using the butterfly stroke.

  • What’s the opposite of Butterfly? – Margarine-walk.
  • How do you get rid of butterflies in your stomach? – Stop eating caterpillars.
  • What is a caterpillar’s favorite dance move? – The butterfly.
  • What does a chatty caterpillar become? – A social butterfly.
  • What do you call a butterfly that can fly faster than any other butterflies? – A betterfly.
  • What did the butterfly say to the very shy cocoon? – “Trust me It’ll be more fun once you’re out of your shell.”
  • Why did the butterfly take the day off? – He needed to dry his wings.
  • What do butterflies do when they are stressed? – They flit around and do “butterfly jitters.”
  • What did the butterfly say when it landed on a piece of butter? – “My god! I’ve come home!”
  • What kind of dates do butterflies enjoy? – Flutter-dates.

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  • What do butterflies do in their free time? – They hold wings-on workshops.
  • What do you call a butterfly that loves to dance? – A ballerfly.
  • Why didn’t the butterfly go to the dance? – Because it was a mothball.
  • What did the butterfly say when it got attacked? – I butterfly away.
  • What do you call a butterfly that eats other butterflies? – Hannibal Nectar.
  • What did the butterfly say to the caterpillar? – Hey. You look familiar.
  • What do New Guinea butterfly babies call their dads? Papua pupa papas.
  • Why did the butterfly cross the road? To get to the butterfly garden on the other side.
  • What do you call a butterfly that only flies at night? A lunar moth.
  • Why did the butterfly make a bad gardener? Because he kept fluttering around instead of digging in the soil.
  • What do you get when you cross a butterfly with a flower? A butterfly that will pollinate itself.
  • Why did the butterfly go to the club? To get his wings in the air.

What do you call a butterfly that’s a master of disguise? – The masked moth.

  • What do you call a butterfly that’s good at martial arts? Judo-fly.
  • Why did the butterfly make a bad astronomer? Because it always got too close to the sun.
  • Why did the butterfly go to the bank? To deposit its wings.
  • What did the butterfly say to the grasshopper? “Stop hopperating”.
  • How does a butterfly drink coffee? In a glass-flutter.
  • Why can’t butterflies turn their heads? They don’t have neck-tar.

Butterfly Puns for Kids

  • Butterflies are changing.
  • How do butterflies gather? In-sects.
  • I’m really nervous about this bug-eating contest. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.
  • How do butterflies throw surprise events? They plan all their events undercover
  • As beautiful as a little butterfly.
  • There’s one thing in this world that always gives you butterflies? Caterpillars.
  • You flutter your wings and I’ll flutter my lashes.
  • I’m not moth-ing around when I say you’re beautiful.
  • Why did the butterfly go on a date? To find his flutter-half!
  • I’m magnet-ized to you like a butterfly to a flower.
  • You make my heart dance like a butterfly.

Butterfly me to the moon.

  • I wanna be your butterfly catcher.
  • I’m feeling a bit like a cocoon today – a little wrapped up.
  • The butterfly’s favorite drink is a nectar-rita.
  • A butterfly told a joke, but the punchline flew over our heads.
  • Butterflies are masters of fly-fashion.
  • A butterfly’s favorite meal is a caterpillar roll.
  • A butterfly was having a bad day, but then it spread its wings and everything was ok.
  • The butterfly’s favorite song is “Don’t Worry Be Nappy.”
  • Are you a butterfly? ‘Cause you give me flutter-bys.
  • With your blue wings, I feel like I’m in a field of forget-me-nots.
  • You could say that butterfly is the fly of the flutterby.
  • I’m butterflying off the handle for you.
  • You make my heart feel like a butterfly garden.

Butterfly Riddles with Answers

  • I am a type of insect but one that is beautiful I look just like a large moth but one that is colorful. – Butterfly
  • I have scales but I don’t measure weight. I’m an insect but I’m not a cockroach. I feed on nectar but I’m not a bee. I’m colorful but I’m not a rainbow. I flutter but I’m not a hummingbird- Butterfly
  • After inches and inches I lose many feet. Before I drift in the sky I must melt in a bag. -Butterfly
  • I start as a tiny egg, then a caterpillar I become, In a chrysalis, I change, with colors quite awesome. With wings of vibrant hues, in the sky, I dance, Fluttering from flower to flower, in a graceful trance. What am I?- Butterfly
  • I’m not a bird, but I flutter in the sky; with colorful wings, I dance on high. What am I? -Butterfly
  • I’m known for my metamorphosis, a change so grand, From crawling on leaves to flying, I truly am grand. Monarchs and Swallowtails, I come in many a guise, With patterns and colors that mesmerize. What insect am I? – Butterfly
  • I am a type of insect, you might see flutter by. I have wings so colorful. – Butterfly
  • This part of nature gets transformed but it’s not summer becoming fall. It starts as a caterpillar but emerges with wings colorful. – Butterfly

Printable Butterfly Jokes, Butterfly Puns and Riddles

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