The Best Insect and Bug Jokes for Kids

If you (or one of your kids) loves collecting insects, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this collection of jokes about insects. We have butterfly jokes, mosquito jokes, jokes about ants, grasshopper jokes, and even some praying mantis jokes.

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The Best Bug And Insect Jokes For Kids | Funny and Printable 

Printable Insect Jokes

Print your insect jokes here.

Funny Jokes about Insects 

  • What does a caterpillar do on New Years Day?- Turns over a new leaf
  • What do insects learn at school? – Mothmatics
  • What do you call an insect on the moon? – A lunar tick.
  • Which insect is smarter than a talking parrot? – A spelling bee.
  •  When is a baseball player like a spider? –  When he catches a fly.
  • What letter can hurt you if it gets too close? – B (bee)
  • What did one firefly say to the other? – Got to glow now!
  • Why are spiders like tops? – They are always spinning!
  • Why did the spider buy a car? – So he could take it out for a spin!

Butterfly Jokes

  • What looks like half a butterfly? – The other half.
  • What happens when you throw a piece of butter out of the window? – Butterfly.
  • What does a chatty caterpillar become? – A social butterfly.
  • How do caterpillars swim? – They do the butterfly.
  • What do you get when you swallow a moth? – Butterflies in your tummy.
  • What do you call a giant butterfly that lives in a city? – An urban moth.

Mosquito Jokes

  • What do you call a mosquito with a turbo? – A bug-hati.
  • What is a mosquito’s worst fear? – The S.W.A.T Team.
  • How do you measure a mosquito’s harddrive? – With bug bytes.
  • What do you get if you cross the Lone Ranger with an insect? – The Masked-quito!
  • Why are mosquitos religious? – They prey on you.

Jokes about Ants

  • Who comes to a picnic but is never invited? – Ants.
  • How many ants are needed to fill an apartment? – Tenants
  • What do you call an ant from overseas? – Important
  • Who do you call for injured ants? – Ant-bulance
  • What do you call a 100 year old ant? – Antique
  • What do you call an ant who likes to be alone? – Independant
  • What is the biggest ant in the world? – Elephant
  • What do you call an army ant? – Militant
  • What do you call a well-dressed ant? – Eleg-ant.
The Best Bug And Insect Jokes For Kids | Funny and Printable 

Grasshopper Jokes

  • What is a grasshopper’s favorite sport? – Cricket.
  • What do you call a grasshopper with no legs? – A grasshover!
  • Where do grasshoppers eat? – At IHOP
  • Why is it better to be a grasshopper than a cricket? – Because grasshoppers can play cricket but crickets can’t play grasshopper!

Praying Mantis Jokes

  • What do you call a religious grasshopper? – A preying mantis.
  • If the mantises are always praying, what is their religion? – It varies, they’re all in sects.
  • Who is the most religious animal in the animal kingdom? – The mantis, because they are always praying.

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