Good Morning Jokes for Kids

Mornings can be a beautiful, fresh start (especially with the right morning routine in place). These good morning jokes and good morning puns will surely bring on the sunrise smiles.

We love jokes for kids; once you have these jokes about morning in place, head over for some lunch box jokes or egg jokes.

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Good Morning Jokes for Kids and Good Morning Puns

Funny Jokes About Morning

A smile in the morning can light up the whole day. These good morning jokes for kids will help you with the smile.

  • Why did the morning coffee never talk to the herbal drinks? – Because they weren’t really his cup of tea.
  • What do you call a radio that only works in the morning?  – An AM radio.
  • Which superhero delivers the morning papers? – Newspaperman.
  • What did the woman say before telling jokes in the ‘early mornings? – “You up for it?”
  • What drink do lobsters have in the morning? – Claw-fee.
  • What happens when you finish drinking your cup of tea in the morning? – It becomes emptea.
  • What do they usually serve for breakfast at the North Pole? – Snowflakes.
  • What does Tony Stark always eat in the morning for breakfast? – Iron bran.
  • How does a panda make pancakes in the morning? – With a pan… duh!
  • What do bus drivers put on their morning pancakes? – Traffic jam!

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  • Why doesn’t Santa use reindeer milk in his coffee? – He’s on a deery-free diet.
  • What do cows read in the morning? – The moospaper!
  • Why don’t helicopters fly in the morning? – Twirly.
  • How did the man burn calories in the morning? – He forgot his bagel in the toaster.
  • What did the tightrope walker do at the ATM every morning? – She checked her balance.
  • How does coffee usually help in the morning? – It makes people coffeedent.
  • What do you call a morning concert performed in a toaster? A pop music festival!
  • How do you make a cup of tea laugh? You steep up its day in the morning!
  • What did one omelette say to the other omelette at breakfast? – “You’re cracking me up!”

What beverage do sick people have in the morning? – Cough-ee.

  • Why did the calendar feel lonely in the morning? – Because all its days are numbered!
  • Why did the alarm clock go to therapy? – Because it had a wake-up call.
  • How does a farmer start his morning? – With a “hay” fever.
  • Did you hear about the coffee that joined a gym? – Now it’s always grinding
  • What did the Cyclops say every Monday morning? – Eye don’t want to get up.
Good Morning Jokes for Kids and Good Morning Puns
  • How did the man burn 800 calories in the morning easily? – He forgot his pizza inside his oven.
  • What does a cup say to the coffee every morning? – “You’re brew-ti-ful.”
  • Why did the rooster always know what time it was? – Because he had a good alarm cluck!
  • What did the sun say to the sleepy moon? – “Wake up and shine already!’”
  • Why did the coffee file a police report? – It got mugged!
  • What do you call a person who is addicted to breakfast food? – A cereal killer!
  • Why did the baker feel bad in the morning? – He kneaded more sleep.
  • What happens when you eat yeast and shoe polish? – You rise and shine every morning.
  • How do nuns get up at 5:00 am every morning? – You get into the habit.
  • Why do birds always sing in the morning? Because they don’t go to work.
  • Where do eggs enjoy their morning coffee? – On the poach.
  • How is a pig’s tail like 4:00 in the morning? – It’s twirly.
Good Morning Jokes for Kids and Good Morning Puns

Good Morning Puns

A good morning pun is sure to start the day off right!

  • Every single morning, I get hit by the same bike. It’s a vicious cycle.
  • I was grilling steak this morning. Didn’t mean to wagyu up.
  • My mom told me it was really foggy this morning but I must of mist it.
  • Did you hear about the man that woke up in the morning and forgot which side the sun rises from? It eventually dawned on him.
  • What do bakers say when they wake up in the mornings? “Time to get bread-y now.”
  • Did you wake up feeling “breakfast-iful” this morning?
  • Time to “egg-scel” in the morning and seize the day!
  • Don’t trust stairs in the morning, they’re always up to something.
  • I told my alarm clock to stop yelling at me, but it just kept snoozing to me.
  • Morning is the time when my bed and I have our most intense stare-downs.
  • Did you hear about the man who gets hit by the same bike every single morning? What a vicious cycle!
  • Coffee and juice always have a mug-nificent morning together.
Good Morning Jokes for Kids and Good Morning Puns
  • I’m so tired of waking up early, it’s just “rise and whine” for me.
  • Donut forget to have a great day!
  • Have a brewtiful morning!
  • Muffin compares to you!
  • Espresso yourself today!
  • Let’s wake up and smell the coffee!
  • You are-tea-licious!
  • Rise and shine! Today is going to be legen-dairy.

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Printable Good Morning Jokes for Kids

Print, cut, and laugh. These are perfect to leave by your little ones breakfast plate or add to their morning routine checklist.

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