16 Morning Routine Checklists for Kids

Add a morning routine checklist to your morning routine. These are meant for kids but could be customized for your morning routine as well!

There are two points in the day that set the tone for how a family runs. The first is the morning routine. Right after wake up time.

If mornings are stressed, rushed, and chaotic, it affects everyone’s mood for the rest of the day.

If the morning runs smoothly, includes some connection, and even a little fun, everyone can start their day with a smile.

The second super important part of the day is bedtime. If yours needs help, you can see our life-changing bedtime routine here. PS. A smooth bedtime helps boost the morning routine, too! 

We started off this school year with a few missteps in our morning. I quickly realized that it would take a little planning (along with some trial and error) to make mornings fun (and functional) again.

morning routine checklists

As always, I pulled out my favorite parenting technique… conflict resolution. We had a problem, and I needed help with the solution!

Bring on the kids. I placed my giant whiteboard on the table and asked the kids to help me make a list of everything that had to be done before school.

We wrote a time (or estimated time) next to every task. Next, we calculated the time between the alarm going off, waking up, and heading out the door.

Guess what?!?! For Big M, there was plenty of time in the morning, but not for our little sleepy head. If she wakes up at seven and then spends some time actually getting her eyes to open, there isn’t enough time for her to accomplish everything. No wonder we were running around like crazy!

Here’s where the magic happens. (This is the reason I adore conflict resolution.) Laid out in front of them is a problem with the schedule; they can clearly see it. They understand it, and now they can solve it.

I quickly saw an answer to the daily routine but patiently waited to see what they came up with. It wasn’t long before they had made their own individual morning (and afternoon) routines.

The bonus? They realized on their own that there wouldn’t be time for screen time on school days.

I could have done this entire process by myself. But now they are invested. They made the rules; they made the routine. They are far more likely to follow it… because it is their plan!

Will there be hiccups, of course, but we will figure them out together. (Check out the conflict resolution post for step-by-step instructions.)

15 printable morning checklists for kids. #5 is adorable!

Morning Routine Checklists for Kids

Once everything was figured out, it was time for the fun part. Creating a cute morning routine checklist.

I rounded up a few printable morning routine checklists for kids. You’re sure to find one that will fit your family (or at least inspire you to create your own).

To-Do Lists Morning Routine Checklists for Kids

Whether your little one is a morning person or not, one of these checklists will be a perfect morning routine to inspire a good mood.

Morning Routine Template

This list of free morning routine checklist templates are designed for you to fill in yourself. (You might want to add a good morning joke to the checklist!)

  • Work, Play, Learn Chart from Cloud Mom
  • Morning Routine Fillable Checklist from Hey Donna.
  • Rainbow Morning Routine Checklist Template from Create Simple.

Morning Routine Chart with Pictures

These visual morning routine charts will be great for all kids but will really help with preschool and toddler morning routines. Having their own morning routine will encourage healthy habits from the start.

Morning Routine Checklist for Students

School morning routines can be extra busy; these checklists are specifically designed with school in mind.

Do you already have a working morning routine checklist, or do you need to sit down and create one? Here are some questions to get you thinking.

What should your morning routine be?

The simplest answer is it depends. What is most important to you and your family? Is it a calm, confident mindset right before school? Is it making sure everyone has a healthy breakfast? Maybe it’s enough that teeth are brushed and everyone is out the door time.

Spend some time to journal the answer for yourself.

How do I organize my morning routine?

Gather routine ideas (there are some great resources in this post), and decide which ones to try first. Think backward from when you leave the house to when the alarm clock goes off.

Build a routine where each step supports the next.

How do I start my morning routine?

It’s best to start your morning routine just like any other habit. Small and slow. Try out each step in the morning routine one at a time. Keep what works and eliminate what doesn’t work.

A great evening routine that sets your morning routine up for success is very helpful. If your kiddo wants to read while you make breakfast, have them put a couple of books on the counter before bed.

What makes a successful morning routine?

You. You make a morning routine successful; pay attention to how you feel about your morning routine before, during, and after. It doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. It will also change as your family grows and changes.

Share your favorite thing about morning routine checklists in the comments.


  1. Thank you so much for this. I have been having so much trouble getting my 5 year old to get to school in the morning on time and in bed at night. I plan to implement asap.

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