Soak Away the Sickness

After laying around in pajamas for way too long, taking a nice warm bath is just the thing to soak away sickness and start feeling energized. Getting the kids excited about bath time can be easier said than done though. When I know a bath is just what they need, I set up some extra special bath time goodies.

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The Bath Time Goodies

Shaving Cream ~ Do you use shaving cream with your little ones? If not… you should! I recently started giving it to them in the bath (silly me after years of cleaning off the table I figured out that starting in the bath tub was way easier.)


Food Coloring ~ I love, love, love food coloring in the bath and so does Little M. I fill up several different cups with water and add a few drops. She mixes and mixes. Adding food coloring to shaving cream makes a fun creamy bath paint. (I have not had any problems cleaning the food coloring off the walls but test it yourself. We don’t want stained bathrooms!)

Measuring cups, spoons and cups ~ Cups and spoons add to the bath time fun.

Craft Sticks ~ Craft sticks make great stirring sticks and can be used for pretend shaving as well!


Pom Pom Balls ~After spraying a section of shaving cream on the wall I showed Big M how to toss the pom poms at it. What a fun game it turned out to be! He had a blast trying to see how many he get to stick. If you want to add a little math fun have your little one count how many balls stick for you and how many stick for them. Add those totals together.

Before they know it those poor little sickies will be clean, refreshed and full of healthy energy!

What is your favorite bath time activity?


  1. We also love shaving cream and food coloring. I love the idea of using sticks to act out shaving! We also have really enjoyed glow sticks in the bath.

  2. We LOVE playing with shaving cream! I let them ‘clean’ the walls of the tub for me while the practice writing their names! So fun! I have never thought to toss poms into it and I am positive that will be a huge hit in our house! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  3. My daughter’s favorite bath time activity is playing with cups. She has several different sizes and pours the water between them and also all over herself.

  4. My son loves pouring water from one cup to another in the bath tub. And it’s always more fun when it’s a color!

  5. my daughter is too old for toys ( she is 10) but she does love picking out shower gel scents. We have about 5 of the smaller sizes in the shower to choose from.

  6. Mine is too old for bath time activities now, but she used to love playing with mermaid dolls in the bubble bath.

  7. My daughter’s favorite bath time activity is just getting it done. She doesn’t mind taking a bath, but she likes to just wash, dry and then play. When she was very little I put toys in the tub, she’d move them around and then be done.

  8. Currently it’s simply pouring water from one cup to another cup to a bowl and back again.
    Thanks for the contest.

  9. My daughters fave activity was the colored soap foam. She loved it and would do fingerpainting on the tiles. I did not restock that particular item even though she was thrilled. when little she liked pouring water from container to container and liked having a funnel in there. It kept her beach toys very clean.

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