23 Silly Activities That are Just Plain Fun

These silly activities for kids are perfect for a day that calls for fun. Plain old get silly fun.

Joining in the silly play that is already happening is one way to be a fun mom. Let’s take it a step further today and be the ones to BRING THE FUN!

14 silly activities kids will love

23 Silly Activities That Are Just Plain Fun

  • Mixed-up art faces are not just silly. They are also pretty stinking cute.
  • Who wants to attempt a puzzle apple?
  • Encourage some rowdy wrestling or rather Sumo wrestling.
  • Make some fancy tp roll sunglasses and roll out a red carpet (or towel) for a funny fashion show.
  • Please print out a pizza mad lib for each of you and take turns filling it out. Who wins for the silliest story?
  • When art meets science in ooey gooey oily art the giggles will come naturally.
  • Host a tissue dance. (I thought this one might have to do with boogers. It doesn’t but it’s still funny. 😉 )
  • This one IS about boogers. The kids will love some fake snot slime.
  • Get moving with activity dice, and when it’s your turn to roar like a lion, make it loud!
  • Have some family circus fun. Learn how to make balloon dogs together.
  • Make a straw maze in the living room.

Start a dance party in a place you wouldn’t usually dance. Try a hallway or the back porch.

  • Storytelling can be one of the silliest things of all. Crayon storytelling mixes one of our favorite art materials and one of our favorite activities.
  • Messy = fun with monster blow painting. (And the results are AWESOME!)
  • Once the kids get started paper plate skating, you will have to join in!
  • Just for today allow for playing with your food. You won’t be sorry.
  • Trace a few simple objects for a visual scavenger hunt. (This one is designed for toddlers but would be great for any age).
  • Tic-tac-toe is extra fun when it’s bacon and egg tic-tac-toe.
  • It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; indoor snowball fights are fun. (And all you need are some socks.)
  • If you want to get extra silly and win some bonus “fun mom” points, bring out the poop jokes. They are a winner for older and younger kids.
  • Make pet rocks for a silly craft that combines creativity and connection.
  • Play the classic game of Simon Says.
  • Play Uno Dare or another extra silly card game.

Do you have any silly activities to add? We especially love simple activities.

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  1. We all hold hands around the dinner table when the boys say “Mouses coming” and are quiet then they say “mouses all gone” and we carry on eating! (Really cheesy… We saw a mouse one night outside and that’s where they got the idea!)

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