Indoor Snowball Fight, Games & Activities

Ah, winter.  That most wonderful time of the year when it’s too cold for the kids to go outside to play so they bounce off the walls inside instead.

At our house, that means it’s time for our annual indoor snowball fights and snowball games. No real snow or cold temperatures required!

7 Indoor Snowball Fight, Games & Activities

We came up with the idea for our Snowman Games after reading Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner. It’s a story about what our snow creations do while the rest of us are sleeping.

We took our cue from some of their antics to develop events that can be played safely indoors.

We use soft artificial snowballs, but you could also make your own. 

Find a fairly open space to play and have fun with it.

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7 Indoor Snowball Fight, Games & Activities

7 Indoor Snowball Fight, Games & Activities

Here is our list of snowball games (with quick instructions). You and your little ones could probably think of many more, we would love to read about them in the comments.

  • Indoor Snowball Fight Game: This one is obvious, right?  You may as well do this one first because your kids are dying to throw these things at each other anyway.  We have a few ground rules at our house, such as always aiming below the chest (no head shots).
  • On Target:  Print out or draw a target that can be taped up on a door, wall, or window. Have the participants throw the snowballs to try to hit the target. How many times can they do it?  Throw a little learning into the mix for younger children by having them count out loud or have one child draw tally marks on a chalkboard while another is throwing.
  • Bucket Toss:  Pretty much the same thing, only the variation has them toss the snowballs into a bucket or bowl.  You can use masking tape or painter’s tape on the floor to mark off a line a few feet away.  See who can make the shot from all the way across the room!

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  • Stack ‘em Up: Try to make a snowball tower.  You can mention a few engineering principles, like a pyramid shape with a wide base will probably work best.  The kids can use a ruler to measure their creations once they’re done.
  • Knock ‘em down: Build a pyramid out of lightweight plastic cups, then roll or toss the snowballs to knock them all down.  Bonus points if your kids can do it with just one snowball.
  • Relay Race:  Grab a couple of wooden spoons, a timer, and have a good ‘ol relay race.  This is just like an egg race but uses snowballs instead.  And if these snowballs fall on the floor, there’s no mess to clean up! You can go one at a time and the winner is the one with the best time.
  • Pile On:  Have the kids pile as many snowballs as they can onto an overturned Frisbee or plastic plate.  How many can they load up?  And can they carry it across the room without losing any?
7 Indoor Snowball Fight, Games & Activities

How to Make Indoor Snowballs

Having just the right snowball for your indoor snowball fight is a must!

  • Sock Snowballs: Simply roll up socks into balls. Or add some stuffing and make them fancy rolled-up sock balls like Grandma Ideas.
  • Yarn Snowballs: Use fluffy white yarn to create adorable yarn balls like Sew Can Do.
  • Pom Pom Snowballs:  A Parent Production has a great tutorial for pom pom balls.
  • Paper Snowballs: Ball up paper or newspaper.

These indoor snowball fights, activities, and games will keep my kids active and engaged for quite a while.  When they’re done, we celebrate with a cup of hot chocolate and a simple winter craft just like after a real afternoon in the snow!

How do you do an indoor snowball fight?

Creating an indoor snowball fight is pretty easy. You need fake snowballs (rolled-up socks work great if it’s last minute). Use a wide open space or a space with lots of things to hide behind. Make a few rules, like chest and below shots only. Have fun!

What are indoor snowballs?

Indoor snowballs are anything that can be thrown inside (safely) and look like a snowball. It’s best if they are white to represent snow and easy enough to replicate that you can collect a bucket full. You can buy them or make your own with yarn, socks, or even crumpled paper.

What can you do with indoor snowballs.

You can do so many things with indoor snowballs. You can have an indoor snowball fight. You can throw them at a target or into a bucket for a ball toss. You can use the indoor snowballs for stacking or create an indoor snowball relay!


Kara White is the mom of two children: a son, 7, and a daughter, 3. Kara enjoys reading, baking, and trying to finish a cup of coffee while it’s still hot!


  1. We are all about the snowball fights (teenagers and adult children) and every year that I want to change it up a bit they remind me that it’s Tradition. I put them into teams of two. I have collected up enough to give them each a dozen or more. When I say stop, the teams gather as many snowballs back into their bags as they can fit. The team who collects the most wins and I have all (except a few strays each year) the snowballs picked up! A win for all?

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