Easy Snowy Winter Craft for Kids of All Ages

Brrr!  We had some unexpected snow and ice recently, so I needed some quick ideas to entertain my little ones indoors. That’s when I remembered one of our favorite snowy winter crafts.

The best part—it requires little to no prep work. You just need some of your usual arts and crafts supplies and imagination!

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Easy Snowy Winter Craft for Kids of All Ages

This winter craft lets your kids create their own indoor blizzard, at least on paper.

What you need: blue construction paper,white construction paper, glue and paint brushes. (affiliate links)

  • Start by cutting or tearing white paper into small pieces. They don’t have to be all one size; a little variety is good! Older kids can do this part themselves. It can even be good practice with scissors for kids still acquiring that skill.
  • Next, mix some white school glue with a bit of water to dilute it. A little bit of water goes a long way.  It should still be gooey.
  • Then have your kids use a brush to “paint” the glue onto a piece of construction paper; we use blue or black, but any color would work.
  • Now it’s time for the blizzard!  Sprinkle those tiny white pieces onto the paper so that they stick to the glue.  Dropping a few at a time will keep them from clumping up too much.

Your kids will love making it “snow” on their artwork. This craft is easy enough for a toddler, but my older son loved it as well. He wouldn’t stop until he’d covered his whole paper. It was a white out!

To make this activity last even longer, we used the same technique to create our own snowmen. I drew a simple snowman outline on the paper, then let the kids fill in the shapes with the white scraps.  When they were done, we used markers and googly eyes to give our snowmen faces and arms. You could go even further, adding a hat, scarf or whatever else your young artist can imagine.

So while you’re staying warm and cozy inside on a winter’s day, bring the beauty of the snow in with you through art and maybe a quick indoor snowball fight. The cold temperatures can stay out!


Kara White is the mom of two children, a son, 7, and a daughter, 3. Kara enjoys reading, baking, and trying to finish a cup of coffee while it’s still hot!

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