Superhero Jokes for Kids (with Printable)

Everyone loves a good superhero. Around here, we also love a good joke. Put those together and superhero jokes for kids were born. This collection also comes with a free printable. Perfect to make sure you’re prepared for the next superhero moment.

We have quite a few joke collections: good morning jokes, birthday jokes, and tooth jokes to name a few.

You might add some superhero charades to your superhero fun!

Superhero Jokes

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Funny Superhero Jokes

  • How do superheroes prepare their dinner? – They save the food first!
  • What happened when Iron Man teamed up with the Silver Surfer? – They become alloy.
  • Did you hear the joke about the superhero Wind Man? – I don’t know what it was, but apparently, everyone was blown away!
  • What do you get when you cross a superhero and the Dead Sea? – A Deadpool!
  • What name do you call a pair of villainous twins? – Loki-alikes.
  • Which game show features superheroes? – The Greatest Cape.
  • Which place do superheroes flock to? – Cape town!
  • How was the superhero party? – It was pretty Lo-ki.
  • What superhero uses public transportation? – Bus Lightyear.
  • What is Black Panther’s favorite day? – It’s Caturday.
  • What do you get when you cross a superhero with a potato? – Spuderman!

Marvel Jokes

  • What will The Avengers change their name to when they retire? – The Forgivers!
  • What is Ironman’s favorite movie? – Ferrous Bueller.
  • Why are the Avengers so handy with tools? – They’re always assembling.
  • Which Marvel heroine likes to travel with a map and a backpack and her trusty sidekick Boots? – Gamora the Explorer.
  • Which superhero won a singing competition? – Captain American Idol.

Spider-Man Jokes

  • Where does Spiderman hang out in his spare time? – On the World Wide Web!
  • What do heroes like Spiderman and Ant-Man have in common? – They bug the villains.
  • What does Peter Parker tell people he does for a living? – Web designer.
  • What is Spider-Man’s favorite month? – Web-uary.
  • What is Spiderman’s favorite brand of rice? – Uncle Ben’s.
Superhero Jokes

Hulk Jokes

  • Which Avenger is the most trustworthy? – The Credible Hulk.
  • Which Avenger is the best gardener? – The Hulk, because of his green thumb.
  • Why did Bruce Banner start to recycle? – He went green.
  • Why did all the pictures come out dark from Hulk’s birthday party? – He forgot to invite the Flash.
  • What did Hulk say to the grass? – I am green with envy.

DC Jokes

  • Why did Plastic Man get kicked out of the Justice League? – He was accused of rubbery.
  • How did Wonder Woman get her new sword in the Justice League movie? – She used Amazon Prime.
  • In which branch of the military did Aquaman serve? – The Aquamarines.
  • Which DC Comics superhero is the most curious? – Wonder Woman.

Superman Jokes

  • Why did Superman never need a babysitter? – Because he always had Super Vision.
  • What sneakers does Superman wear? – Nike Air Walkers.
  • Why was baby Superman the only kid at the playground? – The sign said SUPERVISION REQUIRED.
  • How do you reveal Superman’s covert identity? – You Kent.
  • Why does Superman get out of dangerous situations? – Because he always has an S Cape.

Batman Jokes

  • Why did Batman and Robin quit going fishing together? – Because Robin ate all the worms!
  • Why did the old hard-of-hearing man distrust Batman? – He thought he was called Bad man.
  • What do you call it when Batman skips Church? – Christian Bale.
  • What is Batman’s favorite drink? – Fruit punch.
  • What did Robin say when he saw the Help Wanted sign? – Batman, it looks like somebody at Taco Bell is in trouble!

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