Summer is a great time

for gardening.

We love to add jokes to the fun.

Connect with Laughter

Laughter through jokes can be a great way to connect with the kids in your life…. we have just the joke to help you get those giggles started.

Reader Favorites

“I’m playing “keep-a-straight-face” and “you-laugh-you-lose” with my grandchildren.” – Lynnell

Connect with laughter

Connect with play

Connect with confidence

Games the Family will Love

Games are fun and a great way to bring people together. Pick a new game to learn. Then all you have to do is call everyone to the table.


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Parenting with Confidence

Most of the time, simple positive parenting techniques are the most successful. When simple works, your confidence grows.

Reader Favorites

“I love this idea for conflict resolution and will print out the idea to have it on hand for our next dispute.– Kate

What a fantastic idea! Teach them young and with good habits and gain confidence.” – Jumpster

Kid Activities and Crafts

Learning and entertaining can go hand in hand. All the while doing activities with your kids helps you stay connected to who they are today.

Reader Favorites

There might be a break in the school year,

but it’s always a good time to collect School Jokes, Puns & Riddles