50 Mom Wins You Didn’t Even Know You Could Celebrate

A sinking feeling hits my gut as I slip onto the couch at the end of the day.

I know there is more.

More to do.

More to remember.

More to nurture.

More to prepare.

My body is done.

I’m drained in a way that makes it impossible to consider doing one more thing.

But my mind doesn’t agree…

the list of tasks left undone runs through my brain… again.

All of the “should have” and “if only I had more time” items unravel with uncontrollable force.

I’m in an endless cycle of overwhelming feelings…

I didn’t try hard enough, I did the wrong things with the time I had, and I forgot to be present. The sinking feeling gets heavier, making it hard to relax… even though that’s just what I need.

Do you have nights that end like this? Is this your story? 

I’m not surprised.

I know something about you.

I know that you struggle to find the wins in your busy day.

But I want you to know that they are there.

I promise the wins are there.

50 Mom Wins You Didn't Even Know You Could Celebrate

Here on this site, the focus is building confident parents.

I do not teach you how to be better.

I teach you to see how great you already are.

I created the list below to show you what a win looks like. Read through them. If you think of a win not on the list, share it in the comments.

50 Mom Wins You Didn’t Even Know You Could Celebrate

  1. I listened to that story one minute longer than I thought I could stand.
  2. I left an encouraging comment for another parent who is struggling.
  3. I read something that will help me become stronger as a person and as a parent. (Like how to feel like a good mom when you’re sick.)
  4. I took care of myself by eating a healthy lunch.
  5. I got snack on the table… while overseeing play dough clean up.
  6. Or I got snack on the table PERIOD.
  7. I read one more book at bedtime, even though I was really tired.
  8. I took the kids outside.
  9. I stuck with a new parenting technique, even though I’m not sure if it’s working.
  10. I closed my eyes next to the toddler playing, instead of heading to my bedroom for a full-on nap while he watched TV.
  11. Or I took care of myself by letting the toddler watch TV so I could take a full-on nap.
  12. I spent a little extra time connecting at breakfast.
  13. I set up an activity for the kids.
  14. I joined in an activity the kids were occupied with.
  15. I watched an activity the kids were occupied with while letting my body rest.
  16. I kept a conversation going.
  17. I made eye contact at just the right moment.
  18. I rubbed a back.
  19. I held a hand.
  20. I spent 5 minutes just being close.
  21. I got dinner on the table.
  22. I set up a playdate.
  23. I planned an outing.
  24. I set up a routine that will make mornings easier.
  25. I implemented a parenting technique that I researched, brainstormed and then put into action.
  26. I read a book that someone else recommended.
  27. I took a deep breath when the tension started to build.
  28. I separated myself from a situation until I could bring calm.
  29. I created positive affirmations and put them in a place that will catch my eye throughout the day.
  30. I took a 15-minute bath during nap-time, just because.
  31. I am setting myself up to go to sleep early tonight because I feel extra tired.
  32. I asked my little one for hugs and snuggles because I felt BLAH.
  33. I crossed non-essentials off my to-do list because I was starting to feel overwhelmed.
  34. I survived the day.
  35. I survived the outing.
  36. I survived the meal.
  37. I survived the tantrum.
  38. I spent 10 minutes looking up how to do (fill in the blank) so that I could then teach my little one how to do it.
  39. I added 15 extra minutes to dinner prep in order to teach my kid how to cut veggies.
  40. I paused before giving an explanation… so that my kids had a chance to figure it on their own.
  41. I got the dishes done, for a fresh start tomorrow.
  42. I let the dishes wait and joined in with the family silliness.
  43. I asked for the entire family to clean up together after dinner so that we could play a game.
  44. I stayed at the playground for an extra 10 minutes because I was enjoying the conversation with the other parents.
  45. I scheduled a date night with my spouse.
  46. I danced in the kitchen while I made dinner.
  47. I asked my husband (or wife) to take over vacuuming so that I could take a shower… with no interruptions.
  48. I gave the older kids the job of sorting laundry, allowing me to read stories with the toddler.
  49. I complimented another person on their parenting.
  50. I lit up with a bright smile when my little one came in the room.

Which win stood out to you? Share in the comments.

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