8 Super Fun Storytelling Games for Kids

Storytelling is such a fun way to play around with language and encourage creative thinking.

I have five entire posts with storytelling tips for those of you who are new to storytelling or want to expand on what you’re already doing.

One fun way to incorporate storytelling into family life is through games. We LOVE family games, and geography board games and puzzles.

Storytelling games add boundaries and bring rules to how the stories are created. The kids will learn story elements while having a ton of fun!

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10 super fun storytelling games for kids (and adults)

Storytelling Games for Kids You Can Buy

Use these games with a storytelling spin to create surprising stories and become the finest storyteller in the land.

  • eeBoo Tell Me A Story Cards – Mystery in the Forest. Ages 3 -6. This storytelling game is great for the little ones. The bright-colored pictures have a cast of fantasy characters on 36 laminated cards. The cards can be
  • Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game. Ages 4 and up. Tall Tales Story Telling includes picture cards and little figures. That combo invites the entire family!
  • Tell Tale Fairy Tales. Ages 5 -15. Tell Tale Fairy Tales game comes with 120 picture cards. Each contains a character displaying an emotion, a setting or a mythical creature. There are four suggested ways to play with these cards. (Although, my bet is that you can come up with even more!)
  • The Storymatic Kids. Ages 5 and up. This storytelling game for kids includes 360 cards. A booklet with game ideas and more story prompts is included! Fun.

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  • Rory’s Story Cubes. Ages 8 and up. Rory’s Story Cube game comes with nine cubes in each set. On each side of the cube is a picture. We love to roll all the cubes at once and take turns telling a story OR take turns rolling one cube at a time, working together to build one story.
  • Dixit. Ages 8-12. This game takes storytelling to an entirely new level (great for big kids)! It includes a scoreboard, 84 picture cards, voting tokens, and game pieces.
  • Once Upon A Time. Ages 8 and up. Made for big kids, this game uses story cards to help kids create and build upon stories.
  • Wing It. Ages 7 and up. Each player creates a story of how they’ll escape a funny situation using the resources in their hand.

Storytelling Games to Make at Home

The best part about making your own storytelling game is that you get to include your little storyteller’s favorites. There can be werewolves and monsters, or frogs and butterflies.

  • Storytelling with Crayons. All you need for this game is a piece of paper and some crayons. Take turns creating a new story and see who is the greatest storyteller.
  • Kid Made Storytelling Cards. Let your kids create their own cards, with a main character they choose. You can remind them of some classic storybook situations if they need a little inspiration to get started.
  • Create a story together. Someone starts the story with a sentence or two. They hand over the story by saying, and then… The following person picks up the story using the characters and setting from the first person. This goes around until the story feels complete. This is great for a road trip, but if you’re at home, grab a pencil and write as the story unfolds.

Have you played any of these storytelling games for kids? Do you have a favorite?


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  2. Wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing at mom’s library. It just happens that I posted about a website that offers free storytelling tools for kids today. I put the link as my website if you are interested.

  3. This is a wonderful site… as a grandmother I will enjoy using some of your ideas on babysitting day! I have been teaching story telling and drawing for many years… you might enjoy my website beginnerswork.com to see story telling in action and drawing mixed with language, especially good for visual learners. My specialty is teaching children to draw and to use visual language. I’d love to know what you think. – Karen

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Karen! I love that my site is helpful to you as a grandmother.

      Your site is FANTASTIC!!! I pinned two things I found right away. YAY! Thanks for sharing it with me.


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