87 Bread Puns and Bread Jokes to Rise a Laugh PRINTABLE

Jokes have a great way of connecting us. It almost seems like the sillier the pun, the more laughs it gets. These bread puns and bread jokes are my jam, and I hope they’ll be yours, too!

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Bread Puns and bread jokes for kids and adults

Bread Puns

This collection of bread puns is just wheat you need to get a butter day rising.

  • I loaf you.
  • I don’t want naan of that.
  • It is wheat it is.
  • I heard the baker up the road had a loaf-changing experience.
  • Here’s a toast to butter days.
  • Don’t grain on my parade.
  • You’re the apple of my rye.
  • Wheat be cute together.
  • Rye don’t you bake me on a date?
  • I’m gluten love with you!

Rise to the occasion. Get a bread start!

  • My loaf for you is rising.
  • Let’s tie the bread knot already!
  • Will you be my com-PAN-ion?
  • A bread baker’s factory burned down. Now, her business is toast.
  • Work your buns off because you knead the dough!
  • Don’t let them pitas against each other.
  • Sausage bread will stick by your side for batter or for wurst.
  • Rye-se and shine.
  • Bready or not, here I crumb!
  • Don’t go baking my heart.
  • Re-pita story one more time.
Bread Puns and bread jokes for kids and adults
  • We’re on a knead to know basis. 
  • All you knead is loaf.
  • I’d tell you a joke about butter on bread, but you might spread it around.
  • I could mop the flour with you in a bread pun battle.
  • ‘Cause I’m a crepe. I’m a weird dough. What am I doughing here? I donut belong here.
  • Bae-goals!
  • You’re looking like a stud muffin today!
  • You’re my butter half.
  • Don’t go baking my heart.
  • You’re the yeast I could do.

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  • I’m rolling with the dough punches.
  • Let’s rise to the occasion!
  • I’m not lion, this bread is mane-ificent!
  • Baguette out of my way!
  • You’re no bun!
  • Stop loafing around!

This is my jam!

  • It was a hy-bread.
  • I’m rolling in the dough.
  • Let’s get toasty.
  • I went there yeast-erday.
  • Wheat make great friends!
  • Let’s breadstick together.
  • At yeast we have each other.
  • Crust me, I got this.

Bread Jokes

Butter up your kids with some bread jokes, straight out of the oven.

  • What do elves use to make sandwiches? – Short-bread.
  • How do you get a raise at the bread factory? – Butter up your boss.
  • What’s a mermaid’s favorite meal? – A sand-wich.
  • What did the bread say when he returned from his vacation? – “Home, wheat home.”
  • What did the loaf of bread say during a breakup? – You deserve butter.
  • What are the tell-tale signs of a radical baker? – They’re always going against the grain. 
  • What did one piece of bread say to the other?  – I loaf you. 
  • What did the bread say to the oven? – It’s getting toasty in here!
  • How does bread make you fall in love? – It gives you loads of flours. 
  • Why did the baker give a bad review to the hotel? – The hotel was infested with bread bugs.

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  • Who was that handsome star in the Hollywood baking movie? – Bread Pitt
  • What do you say to toast that’s fallen on the floor? – “Butter luck next time.”
  • Where do loaves of bread go to send post to each other? – The toast office.
  • What did the bread say while playing hide and seek? – “Bready or not, here I come!”
  • What happens when a baguette forgets his umbrella? – He gets soaking wheat all over.
  • Why does bread hate summer weather? – Because summer heat can get too toasty.
  • Why are bread jokes funny? – Because they never get mold.
  • Why was the bread maker so grumpy? – She woke up on the wrong side of the bread.
Bread Puns and bread jokes for kids and adults
  • Why did the bread maker take a second job? – She wanted to make some extra dough.
  • What’s the true identity of Greek Spider-Man? – Pita Parker.
  • When is a loaf of bread like a golf ball? – When it has been sliced.
  • What do you call a roll that loses weight? – Flat bread.
  • What did the slice of bread say to the person giving him too much flattery? – Stop buttering me up!
  • What does the bread sing when it is learning the musical scales? – Dough, Re, Mi, Fa…
  • Why did the loaf of bread break up with his girlfriend? – The relationship was crumbling.
  • What did mama bread say to her kids? – It’s way past your breadtime!
  • Why does bread hate Southern summers? – The weather is too toasty.
  • What do you call a curious piece of toast? – Wonder Bread.

How does the bread court his sweetheart? – With lots of flours.

  • What did the toast say to the psychic? – You bread my mind!
  • What did one slice of bread say to another after a long day? – Don’t worry—tomorrow will be butter.
  • What does a loaf of bread say to a friend after doing them a favor? – “It’s the yeast I can do.”
  • Why are bread jokes funny forever? – They never get stale.
  • What do you call 52 slices of bread? – A deck of carbs.
  • What are the best shoes to wear while eating bread? – Loafers.
  • What happened after the baker set a new record for baking the most loaves? – He became the breadwinner.
  • What series was the dinner roll binge-watching? – Breaking Bread.
  • Why did vampires leave the restaurant? – Someone ordered garlic bread.
  • Why did the loaf of bread break up with his girlfriend? – The relationship was crumbling.
  • What is a baker’s favorite time of year? – Yeaster.
Bread Puns and bread jokes for kids and adults

Printable Bread Puns and Bread Jokes

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