23 Best Dice Games For Kids And Adults (And How To Play Them)

Dice games can be one of the best ways to add fun to your family time.

There are a lot of reasons I love games. They build connections, get everyone thinking, and they’re fun. I especially love family games.

Below, you will find a huge list of dice games that you can buy, make or play with the dice you have at home.

best dice games for family game night

Dice Games to Play with the Dice You Have

These are dice games you can play with the dice you have. #1 on the list is our very favorite.

  1. 10,000 (also known as Farkle). I have a dice tray, six dice, a few pieces of paper, and a pencil in a bag that fits in my purse. That way, we are always ready to take 10,000 dice game on the road with us.
  2. Sevens. Pick the number of rolls and the number of players. Grab six dice and get rolling. The person with the highest score at the end wins.
  3. Chicago Dice Game. For this dice game you need two dice, a score pad a large group. You don’t actually need a large group, but this game works well with one.
  4. Slam. This dice game requires three dice and a scorepad. And instead of a winner, this game has one loser.
  5. Ship, Captain, and Crew
  6. Pig
  7. Over-the Edge
  8. Going to Boston
  9. One 0 Five – This dice game can be learned in minutes and doesn’t require a scorepad. It can be played alone or with a large group, as long as everyone has their own set of 5 die.

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What are some fun dice games?

This list of dice games to buy is perfect for when you want to pull a complete game out. And some of these are really pretty too!

  1. Yamslam – Yamslam is meant for 1-4 players. Collect chips by rolling special combinations. A Yamslam happens when 5 of the same number are rolled.
  2. Qwixx – Although the game is intended for 2-5 players, it works great for a large group as well.
  3. That’s Pretty Clever
  4. Flash
  5. TENZI – The Tenzi dice come in so many different colors that they make a great addition to other games. You can use these them for individual dice rolls in 10,000 instead of passing around the same set.
  6. Left, Center, Right, (or LCR)
  7. Pizza Party – Pizza Party is a simple game two-player game. Roll the dice to match the pizza toppings. Be the first to fill your slice!
  8. Strike
  9. Sequence Dice
  10. Bang!
  11. Yahtzee – I couldn’t leave this classic dice game off the list! You’ve almost certainly given the Yahtzee cup a few good shakes, but in case you haven’t, here’s a quick breakdown. Yahtzee comes with a score sheet that guides you through the goal of each turn. You can pick an choose which goal to complete based on your roll.

Qwixx & Railroad Ink make great virtual games. Just make sure both of you have the game. See the facts section below.

dice games the family will love

Board Games with Dice

Some of the most popular games with dice also come with a board.

  • Royal Game of Ur
  • Railroad Ink – The dice in Railroad Ink are road and railroad sections. Each person gets a card to create their paths with the sections rolled. At the end of the game, the person who meets the most goals wins.
  • Sagrada
  • Shut the Box

Dice Games for Learning

These games are a unique way to add dice to your learning fun with younger kids.

Dice Games for Toddlers

There’s no reason the toddlers can’t get in on the dice fun!

What is the 5 dice game?

This is a great question. I found quite a few answers. Some people think the five-dice game is One 0 Five. Others think it’s any game you play with 5 dice. And still others think it’s a shortened version of 10,000. You’ll find information for all of these above.

Which game is played with a dice?

There are many games played with a dice. Some board games where the dice are a big feature of the game are listed in the “Board Games with Dice” section above.

How do you play 21 with dice?

To play this with dice, use two dice. On the first player’s turn, they roll both dice. They can stay with the number or roll again, adding the next roll to their score as well. Once their total has reached 17, they can only roll one die. The goal is to get 21 or the closest to 21 without going over.

What is a good dice game to play virtually?

We love to play games with our family and friends that live in other states. Dice games work great because you don’t need a full set up, just a few dice. We put a video call up and play as if we’re in the same room. I’ve noted a few games that I know for sure work well for this.

Share your favorite dice game in the comments.

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