Super Silly Lunch Box Jokes for Kids

Last year Big M broke my heart when he asked me not to leave love notes in his lunch box anymore. It’s embarrassing, I totally get it. He’s getting older but I still want to put something special in his lunch, something that lets him know I’m thinking about him.

Part of what makes parenting fun is figuring out how to connect with our kids. So I got creative and added lunch box jokes instead. They’re fun for all the kids at the lunch table; they let him know I’m thinking about him, and they aren’t the least bit embarrassing.

Since I’ve already compiled the list… I thought I’d share it with you! Read through them and then print them out. Sometimes I write the jokes on the back of a Capri Sun pouch, sometimes on a napkin, and sometimes I use the printout!

lunch box jokes for kids (with printable)

Lunch box jokes are supposed to be silly, and these jokes are just that!

  • What type of socks do pirates wear? —- Arrrrrrrrgyle.
  • Why was 10 scared? —- Because 7 ate 9.
  • How do you make a tissue dance? —- Put a little boogie in it.
  • What do you call a train that sneezes? —- Achoo choo train.
  • Why did the golfer pack an extra pair of pants? —- In case he got a hole in one.
  • What is a pirate’s favorite letter? —- Rrrrrrrr!
  • What did one eye say to the other eye? —- Something smells between us.

Lunch Box Jokes about Animals

Would you like more animal jokes? We’ve got them right here… Animal Jokes for Kids.

  • What do you call a flying skunk? —- A smelly – copter!
  • Where do sheep go to get their hair cut? —- The baa – baa shop.
  • What do you call an alligator in a vest? —- An investogator.
  • What did the buffalo say when his son left to go to school? —- Bison.
  • Why did the cow cross the road? —- Because he wanted to go to the moooovies.
  • What is a rabbit’s favorite kind of music? —- Hip Hop.
  • What do you call a sleeping T-Rex? —- A dinosnore!
lunch box jokes

Kids Lunch Box Jokes about School

Once you’ve enjoyed all of these, check out all of the School Jokes for Kids.

  • What did one pencil say to the other pencil? —- Man, you’re looking sharp!
  • What tests do vampire teachers give? — Blood tests!
  • Which school building has the most stories? — The Library!
  • Which school teachers have the greenest thumbs? — The kinder-garden teachers.
  • What is a math teacher’s favorite sum? — Summer!

Lunch Jokes for the Lunch Box

Get a quick taste of our lunch jokes, then check out these funny jokes about food: sandwich jokes and puns, pizza jokes and puns, egg jokes, banana jokes, fruit jokes, and cheese jokes.

  • What stays hot in the fridge? —- A hot dog!
  • What did one plate say to the other plate? —- Lunch is on me.
  • Why did the cookie go to the doctor? —- Because he was feeling crumby.
  • What happens when you make an egg laugh? —- It cracks up.
  • What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? —- Taking a bite and finding half a worm.
  • Why should you never tell your secret to peanut butter?  – He’s sure to spread it.
  • What kind of nuts always seems to have a cold? – Cashews.
  • What are twins favorite fruit? – Pears.
  • What do you give to a sick lemon? – Lemon aid.
  • What kind of apple isn’t an apple? – A pineapple.
  • What do you call a bear with no teeth? – A gummy bear.

What’s special about the carrot detective? – She gets to the root of every case.

  • Why did the fisherman put peanut butter into the sea? – To go with the jellyfish.
  • Why did the prune go out with a tomato? – Because he couldn’t find a date.
  • Why aren’t banana’s ever lonely? – Because they hangout in bunches.
  • What is a vampire’s favorite fruit? – A neck-tarine.
  • What school subject is the fruitiest? – History, because it is full of dates.
  • Why did the girl smear peanut butter on the road? – To go with the traffic jam.
  • What did the egg say to the other egg? – Let’s get cracking.
  • Why did the orange stop half way through the race? – He ran out of juice.
  • Why did the jellybean go to school? – Because he wanted to be a smartie!
  • What do you call cheese that’s not yours? – Nacho Cheese.
  • Why did the lion eat a light bulb? – He wanted a light lunch.
lunch box jokes

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Get your Lunch Box Jokes Printable

Download these lunchbox jokes for the first day of school or anytime you want to add a little fun surprise.

Click here to get your Lunch Box Jokes.

Share your favorite lunch box jokes for kids in the comments!


  1. I’m an elementary school secretary and oversee the morning announcements. I like the pencil jokes. Looking for more jokes to give students a chuckle on the mornings of those hideous standardized tests.

  2. I am a teacher and used your Summer Jokes for Kids for a fun assignment at the end of the school year for my reading intervention group. Each child chose a joke they illustrated on the front-side of a piece of construction paper. The back of the construction paper had the punch line of the joke written on it. We mounted the jokes on a paint-stir stick and then practiced them for reading fluency. When we were proficient with the jokes, we shared them with a couple of other classes. Then we passed out copies of the jokes to share with the kids in the class. It was a successful project. When kids are bored this summer, let them create their own joke book from some of the jokes on the site!

  3. I put jokes into my kids lunch boxes also. It is a nice way of getting them to think of you when they are at school and I know they love it. I am always looking for extra jokes or silly sayings. Nice to know others do too.

  4. This is a great site. Thank you.
    Also I may have a fun joke/riddle that my dad used to write to me. I used this in my son’s lunchbox. Ok, here goes:
    I C U U 2Y’s 4 Me!

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