Letter of the Week Recap

 A friend of mine was over the other day chatting with me about her daughter’s first days of preschool. She was in a bit of a panic that her little one doesn’t recognize letters yet. YIKES mama slow down! I did everything I could to put her mind at ease.

Preschool is for exploring a lot of new things… letter recognition included. Every kid is different. All kids learn their letters at different ages and at different rates. The trick is to expose your little one to letters often in a fun, low pressure way. Follow me through our Letter of Week art activities.

Letter Activities

Letter A - apple stamping

A ~ Apple Stamping

B ~ Bubbles

C ~ Circles

D ~ Dot Dogs

Letter of the week activity - Letter E

E ~ Egg Shells

F ~ Feathers

G ~ Glitter Glue

H ~ Heart Stamps

Letter of the week Letter I Activity - Ice Painting

I ~ Ice Painting

J ~ Jellybean Stain

K ~ Key Press

L ~ Lacing

letter m

M ~ Marble Painting

N ~ Noodle Painting

O ~ Oats

P ~ Pockets

Q ~ Quarters

Letter R

R ~ Rainbow

S ~ Swirls

Letter of the week

T ~ Tracks

U ~ Under

Letter V

V ~ Velvet

W ~ Watercolor

X ~ X shaped tile spacers

Y ~ Yarn

Z ~ Zipper Prints

M, M and I hope you enjoy playing with the Letter of the Week as much as we did!


  1. I have a quick question. When I click on the ‘s-swirl’ link it doesn’t take me to the art activity. Do you still have that activity posted somewhere? Thank you!!!!!

  2. Hello! i have fallen in love with your blog!!! you have such fun activities for the kids! i totally love it!
    could you please help me to get your letter B activity??!!
    many thanks in advance

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