Letter of the week ~ R ~ Rainbows

Did you miss the letter of the week last Friday? I sure did.  This activity is one that the kids have been begging me to put together.  They were very happy when I brought out the Fruit Loops!

what you need: Letter R ~ construction paper ~ Fruit Loops ~ glue

Print, cut, and glue the Letter R to construction paper.

Pour the Fruit Loops in a bowl, set out 6 containers.  Then eat sort the cereal until you have a about 1/2 cup of each color.

We considered many different smashing methods.  Little M thought this was the best idea.  I was pleasantly surprised with the potato masher, because it wasn’t what I would have chosen. It just goes to show if you give kids the chance to make decisions they will surprise you!

Have your little one put glue where ever they want and then sprinkle the smashed Fruit Loops over the glue.  Pour off any crumbs that didn’t stick.

Repeat with the entire RAINBOW of colors.

It turned out so pretty!!!  If you are looking for more Letter activities you can visit the menu bar or click here.

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