simple WAITING games… Story Starters and I Spy Board

Are you ready for the two games that will complete your Waiting Bag?  These are so easy to put together and can also double as car games.  (Don’t you just love multi purpose toys?)

Story Starters

I’ve told you a little bit about my love of storytelling.  Now that you know how to go about storytelling, let me take a little of the weight off of your shoulders.  These Story Starter Cards will come in handy.  On one side is a list of story starts.  The first sentence. . . to get the story rolling.  The other side of the card shares a list of character ideas so you can easily create your own story starters.

Tips (to maximize learning):  1.  Go with the flow.  There is no need to correct your little one.  Let their story get as creative as possible.  2. Remember that storytelling is an art that takes practice.  The more stories you tell, the more exciting the storytelling will be.  3.  Use these story starters over and over.  Try to find new ways to end them.

I Spy Board

This board has twelve I Spy pictures.  Just hand it to your little one and ask them to keep an eye out for what they see on the board.  Read the words below the picture the first couple of times your little one uses it.

Tips (to maximize learning): 1.  It may take some time for your little one to understand that they are not looking for the actual object.  Give a couple of examples to get the ball rolling.

Making the Boards

what you need: Story StartersI Spy Board ~ construction paper ~ thin cardboard ~ contact paper ~ scissors ~ glue

Print and cut out boards.

Glue the boards in place.  (You don’t need much, just enough to keep them from moving while you finish up.)

Use thin cardboard to make these boards sturdy.  I used an old tissue box.

Glue the board into place.

Cut around the board.  I put a piece of red construction paper on the back of the I Spy board.  On the other board I put Story Starters on one side and Characters on the other.

Cover the Board with contact paper.

Now that you have these done, you are ready for a night out on the town!!!  Let me know how it goes.

This post is a part of the WAITING lesson plan.

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