Letter D Activity: Dogs from Dots

I planned this Letter D activity without having any idea of how it would work out (not the wisest choice, I might add). In then end the goal was accomplished; Little M and her cousin TL had fun, talked about the Letter D, and even played around with the D sound. I think we can call Dogs from Dots a success!

Letter D Activities: Dogs from Dots

What you need: Letter D, stamp pad, construction paper, colored pencils.

I used white on white for the Letter D, it is kind of hard to see in the photo but it looked really cool in person.  Once the D was ready I gave the kids the stamp pad and had them stamp Dots all over their D.

Letter D activity Dots into dogs

 I gave Little M and TL colored pencils and asked them to make their dots into dogs.

Letter D Activity - stamping dots for dogs.

To prove that you actually can make these dots in to adorable little doggies I meant to take a picture. . .before little M completed it (in the special way she completes all of her art). Unfortunately I was too late so you may have to get out your magnifying glass to get a good look.

Questions (to ask your kids): “Will all of your dogs look the same?”   “Tell me about the way you created this dog.” “What other words start with a D sound?”

Use D Dig along with this activity for even more Letter D activity fun!

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This post originally appeared January 22, 2011.


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