5 Screen Free Sick Day Activities

When M and M are home sick, it’s tempting to turn the day into a screen time free for all. By the end of the day (or days) everyone is worse for it. I feel guilty, the kids have become zombies and we have to work extra hard to get back to our limited screen time routine.

We’ve been pretty lucky so far this cold season, we’ve only had a few small sniffles. I’m sure our time will come and when it does happen I want to be prepared. With a good plan in place it will be easier to cut screen time down and make sure the kids have fun while they rest.

5 non screen sick day activities (I love #2)

5 Screen Free Sick Day Activities

  • Sudoku Puzzles. I found this great site that has a huge list of free printable Sudoku puzzles. They are sorted by difficulty and even come with the solutions. (Although I never print that page… I don’t want to the kids to know about it. 😉 )
  • Secret Codes. I love this fun idea of secret code math equations from No Time for Flash Cards. It involves spies and math, both of which are HUGE at our house. Modify the problems to fit the math skills your little one is currently working on.
  • DIY Geoboard. Geoboards are a wonderful quiet time activity. An Everyday Story has created a fun DIY Geoboard that is not only easy to make (and store) but also adds another level of creativity that regular geoboards don’t have.
  • Sponge Blocks. Building with anything is a great sick day activity. I especially like the idea of building with DIY sponge blocks because it’s something new and exciting. These blocks also add to the quiet and softness needs of a sick kiddo. (This idea is from Inner Child Fun.)
  • Make a Comic. Sick days (especially the sick days where the kids are almost better) are the perfect days to start a project. Sweet Hot Mess has printable blank comic strip sheets. They are so fun and just beg to be filled with an exciting story. Print a few extras and join in!

Tell us about your favorite sick day activities in the comments.

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