Letter C Activity: Stamping Circles

Today’s letter of the week is the Letter C. Do you have any corks lying around? For this letter C activity, corks make the perfect circle stamps. They are even easy to hold!

C is an interesting letter, it has so many sounds.  It can mimic other letter sounds as well, have fun talking about C words while you’re stamping the letter C.

Letter C Activity Stamping Circles with Corks

Letter C Activity: Stamping Circles

What you need: Letter C, corks, paint, circle object (lids, juice containers, the inside of old tape dispensers.)

Corks are pretty easy to come by, (especially if you drink wine) but if you don’t have any you can find them at the craft store for a couple of dollars. You can also by corks on Amazon. (affiliate link). I also did a little digging and came up with a few other stamping tools. Look around and see what you can find. Plastic cups, cookie cutters, water bottle lid; all of these will leave a circle stamp.

On a paper plate, or in a shallow dish, put a small amount of paint.  The size of a sand dollar should work for this, of course if you end up needing more, you can add it later. Let your little ones dip the cork into the paint and then stamp circles onto the letter C.

Questions (to ask your kids): “Do you think this tool will make the same print as this one? Why?”   “Which circle do you like the best?” “Count how many circles you have made.  How many more do you think you will add?” “Which circle is bigger?”

Use C Chart along with this activity for even more Letter C activity fun!

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This post originally appeared January 15, 2011.


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