Camp Mom: 7 Days of Summer

Tomorrow we begin a yearly tradition that started last year, before the start of kindergarten.  “7 Days of Summer” was a tradition that was started by a friend years ago when her little ones were beginning school.  She found herself sad with the end of summer each year & looking to celebrate the end of summer & beginning of school in a fun way.  Her oldest is now starting 10th grade & her youngest is starting 1st, just like my Brayden, and they still celebrate every year.

Basically, it’s something fun everyday for 7 days.  Simple.  A celebration of summer, of fun, of being together.  It can be big stuff or small stuff.  Its the celebration & recognition that’s important.  And to me, the most important part is the tradition.  I didn’t have a whole lot of tradition growing up & it was something that I longed for.  Something that I hope to pass on to my children & hopefully my grandchildren.

Here’s last years list:

  • Day 1: Water Park
  • Day 2: Made homemade ice cream & fresh lemonade
  • Day 3: Ice Cream for breakfast, beach day, and build your own pizza dinner
  • Day 4: Puppet Show in the park
  • Day 5: Movie party with preschool buddies
  • Day 6: Mini golf
  • Day 7: Special breakfast out with daddy & pool time.

Traditionally it’s celebrated the 7 days leading up to the first day of school.  This year we will be celebrating early, since we will be on vacation & returning the day before school starts.  We start tomorrow & I’m so excited.  We have a few big days planned, but mostly it will be smaller scale this year.  We’re still doing a Movie Party with B’s friends & a beach day for sure.  I also want to go to the drive in this year.  But the rest is up in the air & we’re going to be spontaneous!  I’ll let you know how it all goes!

Tara is the mother of a funny, charming and extremely handsome 6 year boy.  She is revamping Tara’s Kitchen Sink a bit and getting ready to bring her readers a little bit of everything.  Make sure to follow her when you’re there… you won’t want to miss any of the brilliant things she has to say!


  1. I think I might tweak this and do a 7 weeks of summer for my daycare – we’ll have Friday be our special end of the week activity day. Connor can help me put together a list and we’ll go from there. =D

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