Letter M Activity: Marble Painting

We have always done our marble painting in an open box. Place the paper in the bottom and drop in some paint covered marbles. Let the kids move the box around so that the marbles roll around the paper. It’s a fun way to marble paint. . .but my kids have done it A LOT, so I thought I would change it up a bit for this letter M activity.

Plus this version of marble painting has much less chance of becoming messy. Perfect for those days when messy painting doesn’t sound like fun.

Letter M activity mess free marble painting

Letter M Activity: Marble Painting

What you need: Letter M, construction paper, marbles, paint, plastic bag and small cups.

To prepare the Letter M Activity; print out the Letter M, glue it on a piece of construction paper and wait for the glue to dry. Put the Letter M inside a plastic bag. Add paint to little cups and add the marbles to the cups.

I was planning on making this a mess free project so I gave Little M a set of tweezers. She used them. . . but in no way stayed clean! In between marble painting she grabbed the cups and said the one sentence I live to hear. “Let’s see what happens. . .” So I was okay with the mess.

Little M put the paint covered marbles into the bag.  It took Little M a few minutes to figure out how to manipulate the marble. But once she did, the project was so great!

Tips (for a successful activity): 1. Feel free to add the marbles, seal the bag and then hand it over. Then you are completely mess free. 2. Use colors that will mix together nicely.

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This post originally appeared April 2, 2011.


  1. What a great idea (plastic bag)! I also do this project, but use masking tape to tape the paper in an open box (like half a cereal box). Then kids can use masking tape to create grids or patterns or tape on cut-out shapes (like your letter M or hearts for Mother’s Day) to add to the blank paper first. After rolling different colours over the page with the marbles, carefully remove the cut-outs and tape patterns. The tape around the edges leaves a nice frame for the painting. Great results with a positive/negative effect!

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