Exploring America…Hawaii

A while back I came across The International Dinner Project. What a neat idea! While we love the idea of eating your way around the world, we decided to start off by exploring America. Little M was given the job of picking the first state. Her choice?



We picked up a few books from the library. Our library has a large selection of state books. Most of them had the same info and not a lot of pictures. We found Hawaii Facts and Symbols by EmilyMcAulifee to be especially helpful. It was filled with bright pictures featuring the state flower, state mammal, state bird, and of course…


the state flag. M and M have been really into making American flags ever since the Olympics. I wasn’t one bit surprised when Big M ran to the art center after seeing Hawaii’s flag.


We worked together to decorate the table. We made made tissue paper flowers and a Lei with foam sheets and string. (Grandma came up with a much easier way to make Leis.)

Decorating went on for a while. Little M made a hula girl for the entry way and Big M hung a palm tree from the fan. Grandma helped the kids make Leis out of tissue paper. Much easier and still very cute! The decorating was so much fun we barely needed our fancy Hawaiian dinner.


Just kidding! I made Lau Lau with rice. We also tried a fresh coconut. Yum!


After lighting a few candles…

we enjoyed our first night of exploring America.

Next up? TEXAS! Yeehaw!


  1. Really you’re an unique mom who like to creative kid, also you think to create some thing new with your child. I like you and your beautiful idea. Thanks for nice photos.

  2. We used to open coconuts when I was a child. It was such an adventure. Sounds like you had a great time and so did the children. Thanks for sharing.
    Come visit me anytime at toddlersthroughpreschool.com
    Cathie J

  3. Thanks for the international dinner mention! I love what you’ve done here! Really nice getting them making arts and crafts from the country too!

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