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I am so excited to see I have a few new subscribers!  WELCOME and thank you for joining us.  If you are new here let me fill you in on the Letter of the Week.  Once a week I post a letter art project, along with a print out of the letter.  You can click here to find letter A-O.  Click here for activities to accompany the Letter of the Week.

For all of my returning readers, WELCOME BACK and thank you for being here!  The letter P looks a little different than the other letters we’ve done. . .I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

what you need:  Letter P ~ construction paper ~ glue or glue stick ~ kid scissors ~ a pocket

We started out by examining a pocket.  What makes a pocket a pocket?  What would happen if all of the edges were attached?
I had M and M pick a “P” from the three different sizes.  Little M cut a piece of paper that was big enough to fit the “P” she had chosen.
She put glue on three of the edges and I pressed it down (pretty hard) until it was good and stuck.
Presto. . .the perfect pocket for a pretty “P”!

 This post is a part of the LETTER series.

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