watercolor painting. . .MOTHERS DAY cards

It’s almost Mother’s Day and we have a few Mamas to celebrate (yes I am including myself in that)!  We started off with watercolor Mother’s Day cards.  The inspiration comes from a  great Easter Relief Painting activity.

what you need: watercolor s ~ paintbrushes ~ water ~ tape (masking or painters) ~ scissors ~ scrapbook paper

While I was setting up this painting experiment I made a small example.  Normally I do not use examples (or models) because I want M and M to be able to create their vision.  To avoid a copy of the example, I was careful to make my pieces small and misshapen, nothing worth coping.  I simply used the example to show the result of this new technique.

Little M got busy cutting the tape.  I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation.  The way my Messy M paints, and paints, and paints this activity will be FABULOUS!  It’s like it was made just for her!
She pressed the tape into place (and I pressed it again. . .just to be sure it was attached really good).
And then she painted delicately around the tape.  That’s right, not even close to the tape.  This may be the very first time that the entire paper is NOT full of paint.  She did make ONE mark on the tape in one spot.

I thought maybe this would inspire her to do the next one in FULL color.  Nope.  She didn’t want the tape.  You know what she did though?  Painted the most beautiful pictures for her Nana, her Grandma, her Gigi, and her lucky, lucky Mom!  With each one she thought about who she was creating for and told me a story about her masterpiece.

Big M made this one, isn’t it beautiful!  He was only interested in one, although he did come back to help me out when I started creating.

I backed each painting with cardstock and ended up with Mother’s Day Cards that are true works of art.
I couldn’t resist.  This may be my new favorite technique.

tips: 1. If you are planning to use an envelope,  measure the paper to fit!  2. Remember yourself while you are having your little ones make Mother’s Day gifts.  It sends a great message. . .I deserve to be celebrated!  3.  When you fill out the card start with a statement.  “My Grandma is important to me because. . .” “The best thing about my Mom is. . .”  Write their words exactly!

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This post is a part of the Mother’s day lesson plan.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I do like those stencil cards. They really are a great personalised gift for Mum on Mother’s Day. The watercolours are also the perfect tool to use for this sort of artwork. Great post!

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