crayon bundles and tissue paper bows. . .MOTHER’S DAY wrapping

I want to start with a big THANK YOU to Deborah at Teach Preschool.

Teach Preschool

The links you have passed on have my views at an all time high.  I won’t lie. . .I’ve been doing a little skipping, dancing and maybe a cartwheel or two.  For those of you who have not come across Teach Preschool yet, let me tell you she is FANTASTIC!  If you are a Facebook junkie, you will love her Facebook Page.  You will find links to all types of activities and preschool age blogs.  Have I gushed enough?  Onto today’s project!!!

We did this one in two parts.  First the wrapping paper, then the accessory.

Crayon Bundle Wrapping Paper

what you need: easel paper ~ crayons ~ rubber bands ~ scissors ~ circle objects for tracing

I secured a few crayon bundles with rubber bands and left a few loose crayons.  I also left out a few objects to be traced, but those went completely untouched.  I cut two extra large pieces of paper;  M and M were working before I even sat down.
Big M played around with moving the crayons in the bundle.  He would position the yellow so it wouldn’t show, then move it down and use all four.

Even though there were two pieces of paper M and M worked together.  A little sibling love. . .ahhh.

Tissue Paper Bow

what you need: tissue paper ~ pipe cleaners

I cut the tissue paper into rectangles about 5 x 7.  I did NOT measure, and some of the rectangles are not even close to that size.  I had M and M pick 10 pieces from the stack and arrange them however they liked.

Big M had no trouble folding the paper accordion style.  I did help him press a crease into each fold.

Once the tissue was folded we simply wrapped it with a pipe cleaner.  I left a stem to make it easier to attach to the package.

Big M gently pulled the pieces of tissue apart, poofing them up.

Time to put it all together.  I just can’t get over how cool the Handmade Stamp Print from yesterday is!

Now all that’s left is to sign the card!

 This post is a part of the Mother’s day lesson plan.


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  2. I was just about to sign out for the evening when I came across your post! Thank you in return – it was a fun way to end my night. Keep up the great work – I know you have invested alot of time in this blog and you should be getting all the praise:) I love the crayons and the bows! By the way, when I learn of a new blog with fun content such as yours – I do a little skipping and hopping too and just can’t wait to share!

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