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Are you enjoying this gorgeous spring weather?  We have been outside for almost every bit of every day.  We did come in for a little story time though.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring the spring books outside and set up a reading area under our shade tree.  Ummm. . .doesn’t that sound lovely?  Wish I had a grown up book to read!

Miss Rumphius

Story and Picutres by Barbara Cooney

Last weekend my Mom’s friend handed me this book, she raved about its beautiful pictures and flowers that grew along the hill.
She told us that if we look around we might just see these flowers growing on the hills around our home.  Miss Rumphius was a favorite for her children and she was so excited to let M and M have a turn reading it.  When my sister saw the book sitting on the table she gushed:  “Where did this come from???  I remember reading this in elementary school.  I loved it!”  She flipped the pages and talked to M and M about the places Miss Rumphius had traveled.
Of course I had to see for myself.  How could I have not heard about this book?  The pictures are beautiful.  Miss Rumphius does visit a lot of places.  But the part of this book that will have me coming back is the ending. . . when Miss Rumphius speaks to her niece.  “You mush do something to make the world more beautiful.”  What a wonderful concept to start discussing and what a beautiful way to encourage it!

Over in the Meadow

An old nursery counting rhyme
adapted and illustrated by
Paul Galdone

Have you read Over in the Meadow?  Heard the story before?

This sweet rhyme is simple and has a repetitive feel.  Each number speaks about a mother and her young.  They are found in their surroundings and acting in a way you would expect.  “Over in the meadow in a pond so blue.  Lived a green mother frog and her little froggies two.  Jump, said the mother.  We jump, said the two.  So they jumped all day in the a pond so blue.”

The version that sits on my kids’ bookshelf (by Paul Galdone) is not the one that I remember.  My Dad read this story to me, and when I tell the story (without the book in hand) it is the older version that I recite.  I was lucky enough to find the old book without too much searching.  As you can tell it’s had quite a bit of use!
Whichever version you find, this story is one worth telling.  I sing it, read it, tell it and even made a flannel story of it.

Which book is your childhood favorite?

This Spring Books Review post is a part to the Spring Lesson plan.

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  1. Liza will be especially happy that Miss Rumphius lives on…I can’t help but notice all the lupine around!

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