Letter of the week ~ O ~ Oats

I was experimenting with this activity.  I thought it would be fun to stick oats to a contact paper O.  Apparently oats don’t stick to contact paper.  We brainstormed though, and the kids came up with a few solutions to our little problem.

what you need: Letter O ~ construction paper (orange if you have it) ~ oats ~ contact paper ~ glue

Even though it didn’t go exactly how I had planned, I still felt like this activity was a success.  Oats are a unique texture, problem solving is always good brain work, and the letter O was still at the center of attention.

Tips on PROBLEM SOLVING:  Even very young kids can solve problems.   When something isn’t working, stop yourself from jumping right in.   (That is usually the hardest part for me.)   1.  Ask your little one to define the problem as they see it.  2.  Ask if they have any ideas of how to solve the problem.  (Until they have a little practice with the process, you may need to suggest an idea or two.  But give them time to think, and suggest something that doesn’t quite work.)  3.  Try it (as long as the solution is safe.) 4. Reevaluate.  Did it work?  Any other solutions?

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