Letter of the Week ~ U ~ Under

The Letter U is one of the more difficult letters to match up with an art activity.  I would love to take credit for this idea, but it was Little M’s creative process on another letter of the week that lead me to it!

what you need:  Letter U ~ construction paper ~ glue ~ paint

Prepare this Letter of the Week the same as all the others; print the letter, cut it out and glue it on to construction paper.  This time make sure the letter is glued on, but not too well, you want to be able to peel it off once the paint is dry.

Squeeze some paint onto the Letter U.  (Or for some extra small muscle work, have your little one do it!)

Tell your little one to paint until the Letter is completely covered.

Once the paint is dry have your little one pull up the letter to reveal what is UNDER the Letter U.

I know this activity was UNIQUE, maybe even UNUSUAL. . .but I think it was USEFUL in getting Little M closer to UNDERSTANDING the Letter U.

Do you have any great ideas for the Letter U?


  1. Jill,
    I’m loving your letter+art series! Such a creative way to introduce letters to toddlers….
    Thank you for participating in my Forest Fiesta…
    Can’t wait to see what your kidoos will come up with… 🙂

  2. I have done letter art for a lot of year, first with my preschool classes and now with my kindergarten classes. For U, I have done upside down drawings (have kiddos turn paper upside down and draw and then turn it upright when finished), designing ‘U’ underwear (loads of giggles the whole time) or umbrella Us. Like the under with paint…never thought of that, thanks!

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