FATHER’S day gifts . . . painted pencil holder

Yeah, it’s time to celebrate DADDY!!!  We love this time of year, but it is not always easy to come up with fun, kid-made Father’s Day gifts.  My Hubby is just not the kind of guy to wear hand print shirts or a kid created baseball hat.  I was very excited when I found this great pencil holder.   It’s easy, unique and super practical.

what you need: frozen juice containers ~ construction paper ~ paints (Daddy’s favorite colors) ~ paintbrushes ~ trays ~ glue

Measure and cut the construction paper to fit the can before the kids paint it.

Add paint to the trays and have your little one dip the lego into the paint.  Then stamp the lego onto the paper.

Glue the dried paper onto the juice can.  Add a thin strip of paper at the top to give the pencil holder a more finished look.

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  1. Super idea, I guess you could use all sorts of printing and decorating methods.

    Dads aren’t always so great at playing along with kids homemade gifts, but if there is one thing my partner can’t stand is all his pens and pencils going for walkabouts with other family members. I think he’d appreciate this!

  2. I was trying to think of a quick craft the kids could make for their dad! Thanks! I know he could use this one at his desk at work 🙂

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