FATHER’S DAY – book review

We have a few wonderful Dads around here, next week I will tell you all about them.  For now, lets talk about books specially written for the FATHERS in our lives.

Building With Dad

by Carol Nevius   illustrated by Bill Thomson

The Dads that surround M and M work with their hands, they build and create.  Their offices are dusty construction sites or noisy garages.  When I found this book months ago, it was a perfect fit.  The pictures are captivating.  They are so realistic, you really feel like you are a part of the action.  As the story takes you through the process of building a school, the pictures make it clear that this Dad is proud to show his work to his son.

I love the flow of this story.  Carol Nevius uses rhyme to carry you through this exciting adventure.  The descriptions of the heavy equipment and building tools are clever and clear.  This book is one that we will enjoy again and again!

Grandpa Jack’s Tattoo Tales

by Mark Foreman

This book is not for everyone. . . if you are not a fan of tattoos don’t go running to the book store for this one.  If you do know a few tattoo loving people, this is a wonderful way to explore the reason for this art form.  M and M love a lot of tattooed men, although their Grandpa is not one of them.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this book, definitely not the tear that formed in my eye on the last page.  (It has been an emotional week!)  The rough and tumble chef leads his granddaughter, and a few onlookers through a tale fit for storybooks.  Each turn is a reason for one of the colorful tattoos that decorate his body.  His life unfolds to reveal adventure and love, everything leading him to the family owned restaurant he sits in.  When the book ended I found myself wanting to know more.  What more can you ask for in a book?

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