Fun with Fabric. . .Baby Game

I missed the Letter of the Week. . . again!  But I promise I have a good reason.  My sister and her three girls came for the day.  We did a lot of really fun things, but the Letter V never made it to the table.  I did get a little baby time though and Baby J was her perfect goofy self.  After an extra long game of “Hi” with her Uncle C, Baby J wondered into big kid territory.  Tears started to fly when the lego fun suddenly became an off limit NO BABY area! Lucky for Baby J. . .I am a pretty fun Auntie!

what you need:  two containers ~ fabric pieces

I found an empty tissue box and a cute little pink bag but any two containers would work for this.  I set the two containers and a stack of fabric in front of Baby J. (For the fabric, cut the pieces different size and try to vary the textures.  We even had a few pieces of ribbon.) Baby J spent almost a half an hour transferring the fabric back and forth, while 6 adults watched fascinated by her intensity.

As if the distraction from the big kids wasn’t enough, Baby J toted the bag of fabric around until she found the slide.  She’s so CUTE!!!!

Tips (to maximize learning): 1. This is a great opportunity to introduce words like: soft, bumpy, full, empty, hold, put, and fill.  2. Try adding more containers, or placing the containers apart so that your little one has to move from one side of the room to the other.

Do you have a favorite baby game?

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